Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Happiness is...playing fetch!

Oh yes, it's Dewi's day. :)

And Dewi loves to fetch (and repeat, and repeat, and repeat...) just as much as Jon Farleigh loves to try and tug the toy Dewi is currently fetching. :)

So here you have it: Dewi's fetching bliss.

"Ahem. Why is your hand not moving?"

"Teasing is rude."

"It's MINE!"



And if you have two minutes to kill, here's a video of the boys in action, including a tandem retrieve toward the end. (BUT! Seems that I shot the video -- with my nifty new 1080 HD- and stereo-capable camera -- in portrait mode. Oops! And clearly - or I wouldn't be telling you this - I don't know how to rotate it. Soooo, if you watch the video, please be prepared to cock your head - or rotate your viewing device - 90 degrees. Yes, I'm aware posting sideways videos is tacky. Please accept it and move on.)

But wait! There's more!

I took Dewi outside today to try and get some fetch "action" shots with the Nikon (I promise not to mention the camera again - in about six months - or whenever). :)

Before you judge the camera, however, please know that since my other camera had the slowest shutter speed on earth, I rarely ever tried to take action shots with it; therefore, I suck at taking action shots. I expect I'll get better with practice. :)

All photos, but the last one, were taken in bright sun using the Sport scene mode. I also experimented with continuous shooting (holding down the shutter release button - usually forgetting to focus on Dewi first).  

Go, Dewi!

"Just give me a minute to catch my breath, kay?"



  1. I can't stop reading about your boys - it's like addiction! And I just LOVE Dewi's smile!

  2. Gabiko - I guess there could be worse addictions. :) Thanks!

  3. Hi Y'all!

    Hey! I'd love to play with them! Y'all come visit sometime!

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  4. we love playing fetch, on our terms
    Benny & Lily

  5. Hehe...I don't think I've EVER seen a corgi that didn't want to tug for dear life on a rope toy (or any toy). Glad you have video for posterity. ;-) Great video. And, I love that picture of Dewi at the end! Big smile. hehe

  6. Oooo and playing tug-o-war! That's our favorite too!

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  7. Looks the the new camera has also meant lots of fun for the doggies. Love all the pictures and the video is great too. Dewi is a good fetcher!

  8. I wrote out a long comment and blogger ate it. Grrrrr!

    How come your grass is still green? Have you actually been getting rain down there? It looks like you have a great open area for the boys to play fetch in. Is the pond swimmable? You've got a country club for dogs behind your house! (if that's where you were of course....)

    Glad you are enjoying your new camera!

  9. I'd say your new camera is awesome! I love playing with new electronic toys. It looks like you are having so much fun.
    Also, I kind of like the 90 degree angled video. Anyone can shoot straight up. You, my dear, are an artist.

    I think I will shoot my next video upside down, in your honour. :-)

  10. Thanks, everyone. Sounds like we could all have one big tug fest. :)

    @Taryn - The grass is kind of green. We've had some rain over the last week (including this evening) and we water a lot.

    The yard isn't the dog mecca it appears, unfortunately. We have a corner lot in the middle of an undeveloped (usually overgrown) field (full of fleas and ticks). We learned that the hard way.

    The ponds are across the street behind the house (also surrounded by parasite - and snake- infested grass). My human "boys" fish down there, but we've never taken the dogs. Maybe one day, when the grass is mowed...

    Since we don't have a fence around our yard, I have to supervise the dogs closely outside (so they don't run into the street or chase an animal a mile into the woods). Dewi's gone after deer a couple times in the dark - NOT fun.

    Anyway, it's too bad we don't have a big open area with no road (or neighbors)...it would be a dog sanctuary then.

    @Kristine - Thanks, I like your eye for "art." Good luck with the upside down video; I think I'd get vertigo if I tried to be that artistic! :)

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. I think that you both look adorable in the photos. And I LOVE your toy! :)

    Woofs & hugs <3,

    ~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)


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