Monday, August 1, 2011

Stuff I did this weekend with my new Nikon

I really, really, really like this camera.  :)

No, it's not an SLR, but since I've decided I don't have the patience, time or know-how (or funds) to take on an SLR right now, I could not be happier with this amazing little black memory machine. Point and shoot cameras have come a loooong way since I was a kid.

Okay, so I took over 500 photos plus several minutes of video this weekend - enough to burn up the battery once and then some. I also learned how to delete all the photos and videos on the memory card at one time (unintentionally - oops) and I'm pretty sure I won't need to do that again.  :)

While I still have a good deal to learn and a whole slew of situations yet to experiment with, I thought I'd share with you today a few of my test photographs. :)  (Note: A few do not contain fur.)


Okay, not the best photography here, but pretty well sums up what the dogs thought of my marathon photo shoots.  :)

Rain on windshield, macro mode, no flash. My Olympus couldn't touch this with a 10-foot pole.

I wonder whose eye this is? :) Taken in bright sun using auto mode and zoom.

I still don't know whose grouchy kid this is. :)  Same settings as the above photo, but I used in-camera editing - color selector. The coolest editing feature on the camera.

My kid's eye. ;) Taken indoors in low light using zoom and color selector editing feature.

A ball of Dewi's shedded fur. Long story. :) This was taken in macro mode, an inch+ from the lens. My previous camera could not do this.

Eva. The photo isn't impressive until you consider I took it at 18x optical zoom, in low light, from two rooms away. 

In color and untouched. You can even see the massive fur tumbleweed under the chest. :)

Just a regular low-light shot.  My Olympus would've produced a grainy photo with terrible color.

Okay, one smile.

Maybe one more.

All done. :)


Thanks for indulging my photo addiction today! :) 

For anyone out there who's in the market for a new point-and-shoot digital camera:

These photos were taken with a Nikon Coolpix S9100. Feel free to leave a comment or e-mail me if you have any questions!


  1. Well, what impresses me is all that you have learned to do in just one photo shoot.

    I love the color select. Those are wonderful shots of the kids eyes.

    I need a new point and shoot but I have put off getting one because I was too lazy to do the research.

    Thanks. you just helped me make up my mind

    Berts My Vickie

  2. Bert's Vickie - Thank you. :) The camera has such intuitive menus/controls that even my youngest could do what I did, I think. :) I researched cameras loads before settling on this one, so if this is your choice, I hardly think you can go wrong. :)

  3. Love the pictures! How does it do with action shots? I need a good digital point and shoot that doesn't take blurry pictures of running, romping dogs.

  4. I hear you about not EVER getting good photos of your animals. I've been living with a 5mp point-and-shoot since 2006. I just got a new phone yesterday, so the 8mp camera on it will be my go-to least until we can get a better point-and-shoot someday. It takes great pics! I can't wait to see more. =]

  5. Wow great pictures. I don't do SLR either. I can barely point and shoot!

  6. I am mightily impressed with how quickly you learned to use the new camera. (Of course, you cheated and read the rules.) Seriously, great photos!

  7. Thanks, everyone. :)

    @Of PBs and P - I think it probably takes great action shots, but I still need lots of proactice taking them (see today's post). :)

    @Ashley - An 8MP phone camera? That's great!

    @2Browndawgs - Yes, I hear you. :)

    @Penni - Yes, I did read the rules, but in many cases, after the fact. :) The camera is really easy to figure out. :)

  8. Great new photos! Playing with a new camera is so much fun.


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