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The Post Most Likely to be Reblogged at The Daily Corgi (aka: My Most Popular Post)

Blog Superlative #2 - Most likely to be reblogged at (or any of Laurie's social media satellites).
(Also known as my most popular [the most page hits] post.)

For those of you who aren't familiar, Laurie Eno's blog, The Daily Corgi - which just celebrated its second blog-iversary - is, in my humble description, an international internet staple for Corgi-people (owners and "window-shoppers" alike), both breeds (and mixes) included. Quite simply, if you love corgis, you must bookmark this blog. That being said, when Laurie feels behooved to reblog a corgi photo, video (or, in some cases, an entire corgi-related blog post), the original owner should just go ahead and expect a metaphorical "moment in the sun." I am no exception.

 In fact, Laurie shared (on The Daily Corgi's Facebook page) my top three most popular blog posts ever.
(Lesson: With 6,497 "likes" on Facebook and growing, The Daily Corgi has some serious blog clout. And I'm proud [and grateful] to be associated with it.)

So here it is:

With 398 pageviews (and 20 comments) since its original publish date of June 27, 2011, my most popular post is:

If you read last Friday's post to the end, you might recall that I mentioned the dogs and I would be attending AKC all-breed conformation shows this weekend (as spectators to cheer on Jon Farleigh's sister Georgia). (I also promised photos from the event, which, incidentally, will have to wait until another day because I'm still sorting them out and mulling over them.) Anyway, what I did not mention - because I was chicken - was that Dewi and I would be taking the AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) test - being offered to the general public - on Sunday afternoon at the show venue.

Some of you - who've been following the blog for a while (at least since February) - might remember that I had a bit of a struggle with Dewi in his Basic Obedience class. But in case this is news to you, let me summarize: Dewi is a brilliant little spaz dog, who loves other dogs and people more than they might love him. On the last day of obedience school, however, under the influence of an Oscar Mayer wiener, he transformed into the obedient dog I paid $90 for him to be, and graduated like a champ.

But enough background.

So at 2:12 p.m. (not that I was cognisant of the exact time) yesterday, Dewi did it again. That is, despite huge odds against him in Vegas (okay, not really, but I wouldn't have bet on him) and in spite of himself (and my huge nerves), he passed. He is a Canine Good Citizen. :) (Yay!)

Now, let me tell you what happened before the test
(remember the test was administered within a dog show venue crammed with hundreds of dogs and people):

  1. Dewi dragged me halfway through the parking lot toward the first dog he laid eyes on.
  2. Once inside the venue, Dewi continued to pull toward the faces (and butts) of most every dog in our path.
  3. I had serious doubts about going through with the test.
  4. Dewi spotted a familiar dog (Jon Farleigh's sister) and lost all his marbles.
  5. I decided that humor would be the best response to Dewi miserably failing the test. (I might as well give the evaluator a good laugh, no?)
  6. Dewi's fairy godmother (aka: Oscar Mayer wiener) popped out of my bag.
  7. Dewi temporarily forgot where he was and performed a brilliant sit-stay.
  8. I slipped Dewi some fairy dust (courtesy of Oscar Mayer "pharmaceuticals").
  9. I repeated #s 7 and 8 several times.

    30 minutes and 1.5 wieners later...

    This is Dewi's brain on crack Oscar Mayer wiener.

  10. I plunged my left hand into the wiener baggie and coated it with "Eau de Smoked Hot Dog."
  11. I gave Dewi one last hit of crack fairy dust wiener the second before entering the test ring.
  12. The test evaluator reminded me of the "no treat" rule and then (somewhat playfully) motioned for me to show him my open palms (which I did). He also (visually) examined my person for pockets/treat dispensing devices.  
So let me just recap
- for those who might have a dog with similar temperament to Dewi and have aspiration to get your dog CGC certified:
  • Attend obedience training with your dog.
  • While in obedience training, experiment with drugs treats.
  • When you find one that makes your dog look at you with the expression in the above photo, stockpile it (if needed) and use it ONLY when you need a miracle from your dog.
By the way, I am over the moon at the prospect of meeting Laurie in person at the pet bloggers' conference, BlogPaws, in just NINE DAYS! Can you say "Corgi Power?"  ;)

See you tomorrow with Superlative #3!


  1. One of my favorites of all your posts. Loved it the first time... and loved my re-read just now. You never fail to make me smile. Thanks!

  2. I remember this very well. It is also a good option for the funniest post. I just loved it!

  3. You are so funny, and such a good writer!

    You certainly ARE an introvert ... I'd never know all the goodness lurking behind that reserved facade if you didn't blog, so thanks and I'm glad you do!

    :) Laurie


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