Wednesday, October 5, 2011

(Because you want it, but are too shy to ask) Reflections on the Dingleberry Post

Okay, here's the thing: I wrote that post yesterday because Eldest Child (who begrudgingly assisted me with Jon Farleigh's dingleberry-ectomy) practically dared me to. I never thought it would amount to more than a few raised eyebrows or a giggle or two. Well, guess what? In just 24 hours, the "dingleberry" post has eclipsed 219 other posts to become my fourth most popular post of all time. And I fully expect it to take the #3 position by tomorrow.

So why am I telling you this? Here's why: You like poop posts.

You might not ever admit it, but I know. The numbers don't lie. And because I like you and want to give you what you crave (but will never admit), I am writing this second "reflective" dingleberry post. You're welcome.


First of all, I want to thank everyone who has felt concern about Jon Farleigh. Please know that although he did eat some hair, he was never in any sort of gastrointestinal distress. He simply had a "hitchhiker" back there and used the carpet to try and throw it "off the car." He WAS, however, thoroughly humiliated by the procedure that ensued. But, I am happy to report that other than the "crop circle" that I scissored off underneath his tail, he is feeling his bushy-tailed best!

See? (I snapped this photo shortly after the "incident.")

I'd like a cookie now, please.

And secondly, I'd just like to share with you (once more) how much I love "interactive" blog comments. I just flat out wouldn't be blogging if I never got any. And even if you aren't a regular commenter here (or you've never commented - and that is JUST FINE!!), I hope that you at least get to read some of the AWESOME stuff that some of my readers leave at the bottom of my posts. 

"What do comments have to do with the 'dingleberry' post," you ask? Here's what: These comments (from yesterday's post) for your reading pleasure. :) (You can read ALL the comments here.)

Thanks, Taryn (A Tail of Two Cardis); your stories make me smile!

Peggy, you never fail to bring me perspective!

And to all of you, my secret poop-reading readers:
THANK YOU for making this blog SO MUCH FUN!!!


  1. Oh yes, we love poop stories!! Especially accompanied by such adorable pictures as JF saying "Please leave me now." Oh My, you have no idea how that brightened my day!! And I love the follow up post. Keep those poop stories comin'!

  2. Elizabeth, that post was just plain high-larious.

    love and biscuits,


  3. Love the blog.

    Our 6 month old took after our 4 month old and ate a corner of the wall. Result- Gypsum dingleberry! Perfectly formed turd in white, and dangling.

    Was hilarious!

  4. When I was growing up my father was manager of the Children's Zoo at the San Diego Zoo. He came home with many, many stories about animals, especially baby animals. Of course, most if not all of these stories involved "bodily functions." More than once, my poor mother--who felt responsible for turning the three of us kids into respectable adults who could function in polite society--would lament "I wish we could get through just ONE dinner without discussing bodily functions." Sorry, Mom. Poop stories are just plain funny! And, Elizabeth, the dingleberry story is just great.

  5. The popularity of your post just goes to prove, secretly, we all just love toilet humor! It brings out the inner child and that always feels good!

  6. You know, it may not really be the poop. My theory is that we're all attracted to dog butts... Jon Farleigh's especially! ;-)

  7. Hi there Elizabeth, i've made a blog post wich title is "Don't Abandon Your Pets... Hachiko". And i would be really grateful if you just take a look at it... So if it's not asking to much, just take a quick look at it, thank you! :)

  8. Well, if it's poop stories you want, prepare to be fully grossed out.

    A few weeks ago my dog Shiva must have scarfed some sort of fabric. I am really not sure how or when or exactly what it was as I only know what came out the other end. She crouched to do her usual thing on our evening walk and I noticed it was taking her longer than usual. Looking down, I saw this long, thin material, about the width of a tape measure, hanging out of her butt. She seemed to be having difficulties evacuating the entire thing. Of course, at that exact moment, a fairly attractive man emerged from a vehicle by the side of the road. I had two choices: help my dog out of her disgusting predicament, or smile at the man and pretend I wasn't holding the leash of a dog currently crapping a pair of pantyhose. I decided to do both. If I live to be two hundred, I will never forget the experience of pulling that long, long, long... thing out of my dog's ass. To her credit, Shiva also looked appropriately humiliated but I am sure she is long over it now. Whereas I am still fully traumatised.

    The things we do for our dogs!

  9. Thanks for the poop story reinforcement, everyone. :)

    @Lucy - Gypsum? Glad it all came out okay. :)

    @Boo's Mom - So funny - my father (in particular) was famous for telling bathroom stories at the dinner table. He didn't even work in a zoo (but we kinda lived in one). Clearly, I came by it naturally. :)

    @Taryn - Yes, I'll blame it on the "inner child." :)

    @Talking Dogs - Corgi butts are cute, but I'm still sticking with my original theory. ;)

    @Tiago - Thanks for stopping by! I am popping over to your blog. :)

    @Kristine - Well isn't that just the classic dog-craps-a-pair-of-hose story! Happens to me all the time! (Okay, not really - that was just plain foul. And I am so having a sidesplitting laugh at your expense.) :)


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