Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Life Lessons Learned the Hard Way by Jon Farleigh - Ingesting Hair

Jon Farleigh swallowed some of his own hair (nevermind how I know this), which, this afternoon, led to a series of unfortunate events. 

At this time, Jon Farleigh will take over the blog and tell the story in his own words (okay, mostly pictures).

Hairy dogs, please play close attention.

If you eat some hair and get that "not-so-fresh" feeling, DO NOT use this...


...when you should be using this...
...or else the Mom person will use these...

Any questions?

Please leave me now.


  1. yikes...thank goodness we have little hairs
    Benny & Lily

  2. I can't stop laughing! Very funny, John Farleigh! You made my day!

  3. As usual, you're a funny one.



  4. Dear JF: So unfair. When owls poop it's called "pellets" and sometimes you'll see owl pellets in museums and nature centers and scientists dissect them and ooh and aah over all the disgusting things they eat...but when dogs eat disgusting things it's a whole 'nother story...speaking of which, for my 58th birthday (Monday) Caeden celebrated by smooshing fresh poop from another dog all over the sides of his face (I think it was to impress another dog with his manliness) and after I gagged and dry heaved all the way home (it was THAT BAD!!!)I had to give him a bath with Dawn dishwashing liquid which takes all the yuck out of anything (including dishes! who knew!) and it took a long time to get him clean. So I understand how your mom could be kinda put out if you made a mess...Love, Peggy

  5. JF's expression says it all!

    This incident must be similar to when one of my boys eat long blades of grass. Eventually they end up with a dangling turd still attached by the undigested grass. They just stand there and give me the most pathetic face and wait for me to solve the dilemma. And of course it always occurs when I am out of poop bags! I then have to resort to two stick or a wad of leaves to try to pull things free :-)

  6. Such an unhappy face for such a funny boy :(

  7. Awww, poor John Farleigh! It's not easy being so fuzzy.

  8. I hope Jon Farleigh is feeling better. Honey likes to gulp down her hair in a grooming session too. What is it with these dogs?

  9. @To everyone - Thanks for thinking about JF's well-being. :) He never really had any issues aside from humiliation (seriously - he sulked off and pouted). He's a modest dog. :)

    @Peggy - JF thanks you for the note. Caeden clearly doesn't think poop stinks. Gross. Ew. Gag. (And, yes, Dawn gets out a lot - even diaper rash ointment from human hair. :)
    Happy belated birthday!

    @Taryn - I was hoping you would have one of your "stories"! Yeah, I think it should be called "dangling turd syndrome" from hence forward. And, yes, I've had to "assist" with those, too. :( Unfortunately, JF's case progressed (because Middle Child did not assist) to "smashed turd syndrome." Good times!

  10. Dear JF,

    the 2 brown dawgs plan to take your advice to heart. Wouldn't want those shears anywhere around...there...

    Very truly yours,

    the 2 brown dawgs

  11. Oh poor Jon Farleigh! He looks so chagrined.

    But yes, point taken. :)


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