Wednesday, November 2, 2011

And The Winner of The 'Happiness Is' Photo and Caption Contest and...

...a $25 donation to (her choice) CorgiAid is:

With 58 (out of 443) votes, submitted by Kim K. of Samhain Cardigans,

The dashing :) Dash the Cardigan Welsh Corgi and his look-alike daughter, Ellie Mae!


Thank you to all the finalists, 'semifinalists,'* their people and all of the voters for making this such a fun contest!

And now, as promised, the identities of all these fine happy pets:

Bandit the 13-year-old Jack Russell Terrier,
submitted by Missy of Spyrock Cardigans

Skeet the cat and Rudy the yellow Labrador Retriever,
submitted by Sue at Talking Dogs Blog

Bella the beautiful blend,
submitted by Leslie O. at Bringing up Bella

Bert the Golden Retriever,
submitted by 'His' Vickie at Bert's Blog

Beryl the Greyhound,
submitted by Sue at Greyhounds CAN Sit

Broker the English Setter,
submitted by Jessica of Grandiose Pointers & Cardigan Welsh Corgis

Buddy the Cardigan Welsh Corgi,
submitted by Becky at It's Me Buddy's Blog

Jimmy (l) and Wilson (r), Cardigan Welsh Corgis,
submitted by Taryn at A Tail of Two Cardis

Koira the lovely blend,
submitted by Crystal at My Life with Flyball Dogs

Fozzie the fabulous Pit Bull,
submitted by Kirsten at Peaceful Dog

Sam (13+ yrs old - left) and his (6-yr-old) granddaughter Moira,
Cardigan Welsh Corgis, submitted by
Dina at Life with The Horde
(Sam is Jon Farleigh's daddy. :)

Parker the Schnauzer blend,
submitted by Jenny at Of Pit Bulls and Patience

Pallo the Corgi blend,
submitted by Crystal at My Life with Flyball Dogs

Tucker the Pembroke Welsh Corgi,
submitted by Barb T.

Shiva the delightful blend,
submitted by Kristine at Rescued Insanity

Mr. Spock the Cardigan Welsh Corgi,
submitted by Robin J.

 Hints for viewing photos in more detail:
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  • Click the photo a second time to scroll.
  • Click the 'X' to return to this blog post. 

*More happy photos coming tomorrow!!!


  1. Congratulations to Kim, Dash and Ellie Mae!!
    Truthfully, I just love all these photos and can't wait to see more of the entries. Though I would've liked to have won a donation for my fave charity, when I voted I didn't even vote for myself! All the other photos were so wonderful :-D It's very fitting that Corgis won... and I'm gonna donate 25 bucks to my charity ( anyway.
    Elizabeth - thanks for providing us with so much dog-gone fun.

  2. oh my goodness....i don't know how you picked a winner. they are all so adorable:)

  3. I loved that photo too, it was my favourite:) Congratulations to Kim, Dash and Ellie Mae.

  4. Congratulations to the winners!! And thank you for sharing all the precious photos, I needed a smile today and I'm grinning from ear to ear after looking at these. So cute! :)

  5. Yay Dash and Ellie! Thanks for all your kind words and votes gang!


    ps... Dash sez he couldnt comment on his award at this time as he is helping Timmy from the well... (shhh!!! Ellie pushed him)

  6. Congrats to the winner! They were all wonderful photos.

  7. Congrats! They were ALL so cute ;)

  8. @Talking Dogs - You're so kind. Thanks for helping your favorite charity anyway. :) And I'm having just as much fun as you are.

    Yay for happy pets! :)


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