Tuesday, November 22, 2011

5 Essential Things My Dogs Are Probably Thankful For

I thought I'd list a few obvious things here since, well, you know Jon Farleigh and Dewi can't really speak their true feelings. Right?

I'd rather be taking a nap, man.

Lula: That's a PIG trough. Hehe.
JF: Shut up, Lula! Stupid thing is stupid! Ugh! 

A Warm Place to Sleep

Oh, wait! MY BAD. This one...
A dirt mattress would be better. Seriously.

Tigger: I hate you, you barbarian!
JF: If I had legs, it'd come up there and smack those stripes off!

Butterflies in Spring
See you in therapy, bro. 

Hope your pets are as thankful as mine! :)

P.S. The crew and I will be taking this Thursday and Friday off the blog so that we can do Thanksgiving stuff. But we'll see you tomorrow! :)

P.P.S. Will follow up on recent comments as soon as possible! THANK YOU for leaving them! 


  1. Happy (American) Thanksgiving!!

    From your friend from the north :)

  2. OMD you always have me laughing out loud at your posts. It's a good thing my husband already thinks I'm insane so he doesn't worry about the crazy woman cackling in the office all alone. :)

    Wednesday and Thursday will be my (mostly) off the blog days so allow me to wish you and your entire crew a Happy Thanksgiving a bit early.

    Leslie and Bella

  3. You made us laugh out loud! Have a wonderful Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. I will always, always laugh when I visit here.

    "See you in therapy bro". PRICELESS.

    Elizabeth, you are officially funnier than me!


  5. LOL - have a great Thanksgiving!

  6. Happy Thanksgiving! Thanks for the good giggle!

  7. I am sure, deep down inside, they are thankful...no really. :)

  8. LOL hooray for butterflies! :) Hope you all have a wonderful holiday!

  9. Those kitties really run the house, right? Have a happy turkey day!!

  10. They better be because I sure bend over backwards for them! Ha, ha.

  11. Thanks for all the well wishes, everyone. :) Glad I could bring you some cheer! (Even though it was sort of at my expense. This was supposed to be a serious post about some serious pet issues. Ahem.)

    @Leslie - You're kind of new to pet blogging, so you probably don't know this yet, but ALL our spouses/significant others/non-pet friends think we're crazy. :) Welcome to the club!

    @Laurie - I'm sure my kids would say you're funnier...and way less embarrassing. :)

    @Julie - Yes, the cats rule. :)


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