Monday, November 21, 2011

The Daily Rumpus

Dear Santa: I'd like some more natural light for my front rooms, so I can turn off my flash. Thank you. 

Most weekday mornings, after the last child is safely aboard the cheese box to school, I carry the second of my three daily steins of coffee to the computer for some quiet time.

This is Jon Farleigh's and Dewi's cue to commence the rumpus. The rumpus goes like this:
  1. Dewi secures - in his mouth - by scaling the living room sofa, coffee and/or end tables - the gift his human siblings left for him the night before. These gifts vary from pencils, pens and crayons to headbands, tinker toys and decks of Uno cards. Today it was a pair of Youngest Child's slippers. 
    Deewwwiiii, I'm wayyytiiiiinnng.

  2. Once the gift (or gifts - if they're lucky) is secured, the wild game of keep-away/bitey-face begins.
    I promise I'll let you win this time. Just move a little closer.

    Sucka! I eat your face off!

  3. I grudgingly part with my chair and collect the contraband (aka poop on the party). 
    You're no fun.

    I'm finished speaking to you.

  4. The dogs - usually physically exerted by now - assume their positions on the floor next to my chair and quickly drift off to doggie dreamland. 

And quiet is restored.
Until they hear a strange noise outside.
Happy Monday!


  1. You quiet time sounds a lot like mine. :)

  2. yep. we are creatures of habit.

    our people are too for the most part, so that helps us out.

    pretty good fun you two have together!

  3. Thank you for giving me another daily smile and snort (my version of chuckle).

  4. I say it all the time but I just LOVE your poochies....I just wanna squeeze em :)

  5. What fun! We have a busy morning too, but it takes a walk to get us to nap time! No children at our house to start the day! Darn it!

  6. They are so cute - it makes me want two dogs ;)


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