Thursday, November 10, 2011

Happiness is a 'Happy Ending' and Adoptable Peppermint Schnappes!

Hi, I'm Peppermint Schnappes!
(I'll explain in a bit.)
The owner of this final "Happiness is..." heart-warming photo (below) submitted it with an equally heart-warming story. A miraculous story, if you are so inclined. :) Anyway, I knew the moment I read it that it needed to be shared in its entirety. So here it is, in Jessica's words:

Ruby and Jewels (Pointers) and their 21 healthy Pointer/Lab blend puppies,
submitted by Jessica of Grandiose Pointers & Cardigan Welsh Corgis

"About a year ago, Pointer Rescue was notified of two hugely pregnant Pointer sisters that were dumped in a shelter in KS. They had 24 hours to find them foster before they were PTS [put to sleep]. It broke my heart, and I couldn't see it happen - so I stepped up. 

That weekend, I drove 10 hours round trip to meet their transport and bring them to my house. They were emaciated, and HUGELY pregnant. We went to the vet a few days later, who confirmed they were about a week from whelping. That was Thursday - they started whelping on Friday. LOL. 

In all, Ruby had 15 puppies (3 stillborn, 12 alive) and Jewels had 10 puppies (1 stillborn, 9 alive) for a total of 21. With their poor health (did I mention they were both HW+ [heartworm positive] as well?) we were all shocked that not only they had so many, but so many were alive! 

After a few days, it was apparent that Ruby could not feed all her babies, and so I transferred some of the bigger ones over to Jewels. After a few more days of trying to keep the girls separated and out of each others whelping boxes, and making sure all the puppies were fed and getting fat and healthy, I said "screw it", and put all the puppies in a pile on a blanket on the floor, and let the moms in to see what would happen. I got an "Its about time!!" look from both of them, and they settled in to nursing all the puppies together. 

I didn't bother to separate them again. Everyone was much happier with the new arrangement, and the puppies all quickly started gaining weight and growing up. 

They have since all been adopted (all the puppies and both the Mommas) and are doing fabulous in their new homes.


23 dogs saved and in forever homes! 
Jessica, you rock! 
Thank you for sharing the photo and the story!

But, I'm not done!!!

In honor of Ruby, Jewels and Pointer Rescue, I'm thrilled to present - available for immediate adoption through award-winning Richmond Animal Care and Control

I'd look oh-so-minty and festive in a big red bow!

Here is what the shelter has to say about this sweet little Pointer blend:

Hi there! My name is Peppermint Schnappes and I am a Pointer Mix baby girl. Just like my name, I am delicious! As you can see from my pic, I am cuter than a button. So if you are looking for a new baby in the house, I am your girl. Come take me home with you today!

Know anyone who needs a sweet, furry friend? Will you share this this post with them today?


  1. What an incredible story! You said it: Jessica rocks!!

    These are the people I admire. 10 hours, 2 dogs and 21 puppies!!! Wow. Just great.

    Thanks for sharing their story (and pictures!) with us.

    And Miss PS is so cute! Stumbled, FBd and Tweeted her. Hopefully she be in her own home soon.

  2. That's such a great story!! I have to admit I giggle-snorted at the phrase "hugely pregnant pointer sisters" cuz of the singing group The Pointer Sisters. 23 Pointers all alive and forever-homed is outstanding!

  3. What an amazing story, I'm so glas Jessica was able to help!
    Thank you so much for sharing the story (and cute pictures!).

    Brandon's Raiser

  4. @Leslie - THANK YOU for sharing Peppermint's story! I so hope someone snags her soon.

    @Peggy - Yeah, the singing Pointer Sisters might not have done so well looking hugely pregnant. :)

    @Brandon's Raiser and @2browndawgs - Thanks for reading!

  5. What an awesome story! Thank you Jessica!

    Hope Peppermint finds that home she looking for. :)

  6. What a great story! Funny how some things just work themselves out, too. Peppermint Schnappes is one adorable little girl!

  7. Fabulous story and a great finale to Happiness is... Bravo woofs!


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