Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Happiness is...SAY WHAT!?!

Apparently, Dash is multi-talented. :)

Dash the Cardigan Welsh Corgi,
submitted by Kim at Samhain Cardigans

So here's what I want to know: 

  • Does he flush?
  • Remember to put the seat down after he pees?
  • Get embarrassed that he has to use the YARD toilet? (hee hee)

A happy ending to the "happiness," coming up tomorrow. :)


  1. So here's the story... we had a bathroom remodel and this was the old toilet. What in the heck do you do with your old toilet? I see people have them posted for free on craigslist all the time. REALLY PEOPLE? Why would I want your old digustingly USED toilet to go in my newly remodeled bathroom for Pete's sake??? So... I came up with this bright idea of reusing the toilet in our garden. I planted lemon (hehee) cucumbers in the bowl and burpless green cucumbers in the tank (dbl hehee). Yes, I bleached it out first! And they grew quite well!

    But we all know how husbands are, this is where it sat for the first month, directly off the deck. Neighbors must have loved it.

    And Dash being Dash... he found it a great place to survey his domain!

    ps... who is Pete and why is he so foresaken all the time?

  2. and who is Louise? (Geez!?)

    Great photo and luv the story behind it...haha....that was punny too!

  3. I love that photo!
    I bet he can do all that; and with his paws tied behind his back!

  4. That would be awesome. I am sure you can relate but I pick up about 10 poo bags full a week. Thanks goodness they are not big dogs! ha, ha.

  5. @Kim - Oh, for Pete's sake (distant cousin), no, I would not want to purchase someones used toilet bowl.:( I bet it does make a good planter, though. :) By the way, I think the photo is priceless and should be used in an ad for Kohler or something.

    @Scrappy - Louise is a distant cousin of mine, too. ;)

    @Jessica - That's a lotta poo. :-/


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