Friday, November 4, 2011

A REALLY 'BIG' Happy Dog! (and a confession)

This photo should have made the list of finalists. It didn't because in my haste at printing off all the submissions (including email bodies and attachments), I missed it. I realized I missed it, to my horror, driving down the road several hours after voting had begun. :(

So for two weeks I've been trying to decide the best way to deal with my oversight. And here is what I've decided:

In honor of Magic and his "birthday" cheeseburger, I have made an additional $10 donation to CorgiAid.

And I'm letting him have the blog all to himself until Monday. Somehow, I don't think anyone will mind. :)

Magic the Cardigan Welsh Corgi,
submitted by Dawn at Daybreake Cardigans

(Yes, Magic and Jon Farleigh are related. :)
Have a magical weekend!

(even more happiness on Monday!)

Excuse me, a french fry is calling my name...


  1. Good gray-shus I must have this photo for The Daily Corgi!

    Any chance I might get permission from this cutie's family?


  2. @Laurie - Probably. I just sent Dawn an email. :)

  3. This is certainly worthy of a weekend feature! What a cutie-pie, and funny!!

  4. Magic is such a cool dog -- and he has a boatload of performance titles behind his name as well.

  5. how wonderful! Have a nice weekend!

  6. Well, if that isn't the happiest photo I've seen in awhile I don't know what is! What a cutie! And if there are really cheeseburgers in there, I bet Magic is happy, too!

  7. Great photo! Definitely worthy of being featured for the weekend! I just don't want Lucy, Jeffie or Rudy seeing this photo and getting MickyDees ideas ;-)

  8. LOL that photo is a classic! Love it! Hope you have a wonderful weekend. :)

  9. some buddy said cheese burger?
    Benny & Lily

  10. oh goodness...that is adorable! you have NO idea how jealous I am about the cheeseburger....but worse than's the french fries that I use to LOVE. (outlawed!See my post Toxic Hike)

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this one!

  11. Hi Y'all,

    No, nobody will mind! The photo is priceless...and I hear that french fry too! (Only mine is a sweet potato cut like a fry and baked in the oven...but I love it!)

    Enjoy your french fry!

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  12. What a great photo! Sorry it has been so long since we stopped by. This was definitely worth the stop :)

  13. That's so sweet! Definitely desires center front!

  14. Oh!dear! We meant deserves center front! I really got to get me a new personal assistant that can type!

  15. Thanks, all!! Magic is a cutie and a great dog...AND (a "bird" might have mentioned to me that) he gets to eat a cheeseburger on very special occasions. This time it was his birthday. I don't know HOW he sat for the photo with that bag in his mouth (even if the burger had already been removed/consumed). Talk about self-control. :)

    @Scrappy - Oh no! Maybe you could try the baked sweet potato variety like Hawk?
    @Jessica - No worries!
    Hi @Shanimal! :)
    @Buddy - I didn't even notice. :)

  16. Oh no. I bet McDonald's sales just went up 110%. Who would resist so much cute?

    Nice idea to share the blog and give a donation to Corgi Aid.

  17. Magic and I both thank you all. Yes Magic gets a cheeseburger for special occasions-usually when we are celebrating a Q (or attempt). This day it was his birthday and the bag contained 2 burgers, one all for him and one for his packmates to share!


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