Monday, February 13, 2012

Dewi Starts a New Trend on His 2nd Birthday

Birthday hats worn as spikes:

Dewi working the runway

C'mon! It's all the rage in Paris!

OK, is this right?

NO, silly, you look like a moron. Move it down under your chin.

Oh! You mean like this?

Yeah, man, that's it! Hey, those ribbons are sweet!
Mind if I chew 'em off?


Happy 2nd birthday (2/12) to my little trendsetter! :)


  1. Dewi, you look fabulous! Happy Birthday, buddy!

  2. Happy Birthday, Dewi!! It's Frankie's birthday today and I'm going to see what he thinks of wearing Beryl's birthday hat, although seeing as it's pink he probably won't approve!! Beryl didn't either, she was wearing it like Dewi within 1.3 seconds!

  3. Happy Birthday Dewi, you handsome Dawg!!!

  4. Happy birthday Dewi. Love, Georgia (your forbidden love)

  5. Happy Birthday, Dewi! You certainly are a trend setter! Buddy and the Bear hope you get lots of treats!

  6. Happy Birthday! Hope you weren't jousting at each other with those pointy hats!

  7. Happy Birthday, Dewi! CindyLu thinks you're stylin'!

  8. Happy Birthday Dewi ~ The last pic conjures up a double entendre but I'll shush =D

  9. Happy Birthday, Dewi. Love, Lowri

  10. Happy birthday, Dewi!! If you guys want some tips on how those hats are supposed to be worn, check out Ty and Buster ...

  11. Happy birthday, Dewi! May you grow ever more fashionable as you age. I am so glad you all had a great time celebrating!

  12. Looking good, Dewi! ;] Happy birthday!

  13. Happy Birthday Dewmister!!! Can't wait to see that on the runway on Fashion week!

  14. Thanks so much for Dewi's birthday wishes, everyone! He kept "taking his hat off" the top of his head, but ignored it when it was under his chin. Silly dog.

    @Happy belated birthday, Frankie in New Zealand!

    @RDM - Georgia is Dewi's little red-haired girl (just like Charlie Brown's). :)

    @SMShields - Thank you! Lowri, you are one beautiful great-niece of Jon Farleigh!

    @ZeeFM - Oh, no! For once, I didn't mean to imply a double-entendre. Oh, I had to change it! ;)

    @Amy - Thank you! I love Ty and Buster in the party hats (even though I'm not sure they did). hee hee Maybe next time they can try it Dewi's way. :)

  15. We are late to the party! Happy Birthday to the Dewster! So that is how you wear those things?

    the brown dawgs


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