Friday, February 3, 2012

Why I Didn't Squash the Creepy Bug in My Kitchen

I didn't squash the bug because I thought Clyde, Junior and Lulu could handle it.*
*I made up those names for effect.

So, the scene more or less went down like this:

Me: What the...? Why are you under my feet?! 

[...thinking, there must be a bug down there.]

Clyde (Dewi) to me: I think there is a bug down there. Want me to check for you?

Clyde: Is that a bug?
Junior (Jon Farleigh): It moves. What's a bug?

[Junior is in deep, deep thought over his next move.]

[Lulu is poised for the attack.]

[...while Junior still hasn't budged]
Lulu: HIYA! Take that, you spawn of all that isn't worth eating!


[growl] Do I look like I'm playing, you son of a biscuit eater?!
10 seconds later...

Helloooo, down there!

Junior: Wanna play cops and cat burglars?

Next time, I'll squash it. ☺

How do your pets react to bugs in the house?
(No judging. Everyone gets a bug in the house at some point.)


  1. Onyx loooves when flies come into the house. He'll try to follow them by jumping on the bookshelves until he can catch and eat it. Indiana likes flies too but is much less adept at catching them.

  2. Georgia thinks of bugs are moving appetizers. She killed an enormous spider just yesterday - and left it on the living room carpet for effect.

  3. It goes straight in the mouth....and depending on how lively it is in there, it gets spit right back out! Of course, they are smart enough to not try it with a bee. You only make that mistake once!

  4. Fred and Gloria usually just point them out to me with a "What's that?" look on their face!

  5. I love your bug's bucket list :). Georgia will try to kill and eat. Any extra bit of protein.

  6. Of course , the kitties are in charge when there is a bug to be taken care of :) it's nice to have them around to take care of them -yuck!

  7. That was so cute!! All of our critters pounce and eat the little buggers as fast as possible!!

  8. Son of a biscuit eater ! *giggles*

  9. the bug must think it is in the land of the giants
    Benny & Lily

  10. LOL. Gimli eats the bugs, except of course when they are on the other side of the window, then he proceeds to clean the window for me ;)

  11. Everybody converges on the poor insect, just like your guys did, although not with the same degree of hilarity. What a great post! Mom Julie really freaks out if it's something like a wasp that could hurt us. She steps in, notice I didn't say stop on, and tries to get it out a door or window.

    Ah, but those days aren't here yet. So far, there might be a spider or two, but that's it.


  12. LOL, that is so cute! Kolchak couldn't care less if there is a bug around, but Felix? He stalks it like a lion stalks an antelope. He's a very skilled ug hunter.

  13. Ah haha!! So silly! I usually sit and stare at a moving buggie. Eventually my mommy sees me staring and then sees the buggie. Then bye-bye buggie. ;)

    Woofs & hugs, <3

    ~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)

  14. lol reminds me of those realllly old still life movies with the toothbrushes, and drinking cups from the 70s...!


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