Thursday, February 2, 2012

Jon Farleigh and Nick Get Their Fringe Trimmed, with Benefits

By benefits I mean getting felt up by two women while enjoying an unobstructed view of hundreds of canine supermodels at the dog show.

This is big Nick, Jon Farleigh's nephew, and a fellow fluff. He came
with his mom, Liz, and human boy, "Monkey Man."
Isn't he a DOLL?

Ladies, could you please form a line to the right? 

Now, get-a-load of this face.

I do get a weensy bit nervous when they start messing around back there

But, I'm willing to let it slide. 

Nick and Jon Farleigh got their ears, ruffs, feet, pants, tails and foreleg fringe cleaned up and they look marvelous!
Thanks, Dina, for lending your time, know-how and plethora of dog grooming equipment! 

See everyone tomorrow!


  1. Jon Farleigh, your "wee bit nervous" face is absolutely ridiculously cute. You guys sure are brave. I would HATE getting groomed while people watched. I hate getting groomed anyways.

  2. Cute red boys! Love ya, Nick ~ from G'Ma Penni and Daddy Chase.

  3. If mom ever brought me to one of these fancy spa places, I am guessing they'd never let me come back. Looks interesting. PS I like the nickname for the boy!

  4. JF and Nick are so very cute! I have a soft spot for a fluff. Though I'm glad Gimli doesn't have a tail, it's hard enough to keep his pants knot free, I'd fail miserably if he had a tail!

  5. Oh my gosh! Those faces. . .so cute!!!

  6. It's always a pleasure to see the boys although I'm not sure they feel the same about seeing me :)

  7. Oh good lord how do you ever say no to that face? Can't believe he looked so happy while getting a trim!


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