Monday, March 19, 2012

Classic Cardigan: Hilarious Outtakes from Jon Farleigh and Dewi's 2011 St. Patrick's Day Photo Shoot

Oh, and why not throw in one from last week, too?

I'm not buying it anymore. The luck of the Irish is pure malarkey.


And now for the classic:

Some of you might remember, from March 18, 2011...

Please refer to the limerick post for reference.

Dewi [using sarcasm]: "Nice tie."
JF: "Yur wearing one, too, Short Stack."


Dewi [singing]: "The HILLS are alive...with the sound of MUsic..."
JF: "Why are you still here?"

Dewi: "d-d-d-Doood, looks-lika LAYY - DAYYYY!!!!"
JF: "I think I can make it down with only a slipped knee."

Dewi: "Summer breeeeze makes me feel fine...blowin' thru the jasmine in my MIND..."
JF: "Do you hate me?"

With apologies to:
* The von Trapp family
* Aerosmith
* Seals & Crofts


  1. omg I'm DYING HERE!! Dewi singing. JF being a martyr. And there are 2 more weeks of Lent. Hope they can hold out. xoxoxoxoxox

  2. OMG - you crack me up. They are so cute and your captions put it over the top. :)

  3. i love your dogs. those faces, priceless. you should be richer than rich by now.

  4. I think the caption for the very first photo should be: "We are not amused!" Those faces say it all. Oh, the indignity!

  5. Those are great pictures! Love the ties.

  6. Hilarious! But no 2012 limerick?

  7. The last picture and those expressions are hilarious!
    Benny & Lily

  8. Those "shamrock bobbles" on your funny! I really like those green ties too and what good fun your mom had taking your photos. You both are just gems!

  9. excuse me while I roll under the table with laughter =D

  10. LOL, I love JF's face in the first picture!

  11. More hilarity from the Chronicles boys. Does the fun ever end? Hope not!! :)

  12. I go away for a few days and enjoy some sunshine, only to come home to rain mixed with snow . . this makes me feel better :) Love your pups and you always make me laugh!

  13. LOL those two are quite the characters!

  14. Between the photos and your captions, I'm dying over here!


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