Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Jon Farleigh and Dewi on the Big Green Thing (in Spring)

Please note that the most telling thing about this post, aside from the obvious, is that my child and I just spent 30 minutes outside (in full view of passers-by) taking these pictures. I'm pretty sure that makes me a crazy dog lady.

And this just in...while I was out there taking these pictures, I must have picked up a stowaway caterpillar, because just now, as I was typing, a furry caterpillar dropped off my head and landed in my lap. 

And I screamed.

The caterpillar is now outside (but I still feel it crawling on my head).

Okay, here are some pictures of Jon Farleigh and Dewi standing on the big green thing in my yard. 

I call that green metal box the big green thing. The dogs were up there so they couldn't run off.

This photo makes Dewi's head look really big compared to his body. Notice that those last three yellow letters (under JF) spell "POO." I did not notice that until I uploaded the photos. 

Someone must have audibly broken wind here.

I added the pink softball to make the big green thing look more springlike. Darn "POO" messed it all up.

And for this last shot, Middle Child was behind me waving the pink ball in the air. 

Next we helped the dogs down and they went to pee.

The End

P.S. The sunglasses were a bad idea.


Hope you had/have a nice day today. :)


  1. Breaking wind shot. Classic :)

    I think I feel that caterpillar on my head now and I'm not even near you. Not good with worms and caterpillars. Eeeew.

    Have a great Easter holiday weekend all of you! Don't eat so much and you won't fart so much either. So speaks the Voice Of Experience x

  2. Poo is a word for all seasons -- not to worry because it was not out of place.

  3. Awww, what furry cute pictures :)
    I hope you guys have a wonderful Easter!



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