Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Time-out Happens When Jon Farleigh and Dewi...

  • Chase Maddox
  • Bark at Maddox for no reason
  • Stick their noses on Maddox (when he isn't looking) and startle him
  • Jump up on peeps when they are holding Maddox
  • Barge in on Maddox while he's eating breakfast or dinner
  • Look sideways at Maddox
  • Breathe their hot doggie breath toward Maddox while he's sleeping
  • Chase Maddox (repeat).
We get lots of timing outs lately.
Please don't tell her we can still see the TV from in here.

How's time out goin' for ya?


Note: Some of this isn't true. Maddox didn't really laugh. ;)

These are good times, friends! (Really, they are!)


  1. I ♥ Maddox! He looks so relaxed and IN CHARGE! Poor Kobe is having the same problems at our house.

  2. Maddox looks like that cat that got the cream. Have a good day.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. I am positive he was laughing on the inside. All cats have that evil laugh perfected by four weeks. It's so evil it is undetectable to the human/canine ear. ;-)

    Poor JF and Dewi. It's so hard to lose to a feline.

  4. He may not have been laughing but it's quite obvious he WAS gloating. ;)

    Poor pups - they really can't help themselves you know. :)

  5. They look very very innocent to me! :P

    I think Maddox is provoking them when your back is turned. Then they get in trouble. It's the exact same ploy my sis used to use. Mom always fell for it, and I got yelled at. (Ok, I admit - sometimes we used it together on our brother...)

  6. I'm with Jackie. I'd keep a close eye on Maddox when he thinks you're not around.

    When I was a kid, my little sister waited until she heard my parents turning the front door handle before yelling, "Hey, stop hitting me!"

    I wonder if Maddox is doing the kitty equivalent. Dewi and JF couldn't possible be causing trouble with Maddox, could they? :)

  7. Maddox deserves a little special treatment. Love the "Bwahahaha" pic! Just found your sweet blog.


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