Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Classic Cardigan: Jon Farleigh Covers James Brown (on His Good Foot)

Confession: I was going to post something new today, but I'm tired from doting over Maddox's every move and I decided to go read some magazines instead. Oh, and I took a kid to 7-Eleven for free Slurpee day (today is 7/11 and it's 7-Eleven's birthday; if you're on the West Coast, you still have time to get your freebie).

So anyway, instead of posting something new, I've decided, in honor of 7-Eleven's birthday because it's 7/11, to re-post the post I published on this day last year. It happens to be a doozy. :)

Oh, and if you don't listen to the song, you are seriously missing out.

Originally posted on 7/11/11...

This blog post is in all kinds of bad taste; my apologies to everyone. :)

Heeeeeeeyyyyyyyy!!!!!  [insert hairball]

Okay, so I heard THIS SONG* (link to YouTube opens in a new window) on my car radio earlier this morning and thought:
"Hmmm, this is a good song to hear on a Monday morning, but how can I make it work on the blog?..."

[insert me thinking]

I've got it! 

Have you ever wondered what you sound like to your pet dog (because everyone knows that cats don't listen)?
Two words:

Like so:

Musakk hek firly bibbidy bobbity boo dun BOYS!!!! heh heh katt GET DOWN!!!!  [insert hairball]

But with a delivery like James Brown's, how can they (our dogs) not want to get down???


Have a FUN-ky (like James Brown) day!!!

*Get on the Good Foot


  1. my all time favorite post of yours and just what I needed to make me laugh!!

  2. Love it! Only you would think of this...LOL

  3. Have a fun-k-y day too with even more fun.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Well, I might sound like that to Honey. But I'm nowhere near as cool as James Brown.

    No wonder she rolls her eyes at me.

  5. I actually did laughnright out loud at this. (Ask Jan who is jow looking at me rather curiously.) Good stuff, you have a great imagination.

  6. Oh Jon Farleigh, you know, you've ruined me for other corgis. As soon as I see one of your furry little cohorts, I start to giggle, imagining you in a wig or some such thing. It's terribly impractical. Just the other day I had to apologize to a lady at the park who thought was making fun of her dog.


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