Thursday, August 16, 2012

Reason #163 to Volunteer at Your Local Shelter: No One Is Shocked by Your Naughty Pet Story

Not the actual buns; however, the convo was real!
Say, for instance, when you mention that your husband called you in the middle of your girlfriend's birthday dinner at a fun restaurant to tell you that your CAT (not dog, CAT) ripped into the package of hamburger buns (for his and the kids' dinner) that was on the kitchen counter and ate three of them.

To which you replied (after determining that the cat was behaving normally), "Say wha'???" (while thinking to yourself that if he expects me to go to the store right now and buy him some more buns, he's smokin', well, you know, because he knows how to drive a car!).

However, luckily for him, he was only calling to ask whether he should still feed the cat his dinner. (huh??)

But instead of the other shelter volunteer (to whom you are speaking and working alongside) looking at you with a furrowed brow and politely muttering "okaaayy" (as if it were a question - because she was stupefied) and changing the subject, she giggles and chimes in, "Oh my gosh! I thought my cat was the only cat who likes to eat bread! We had to put baby latches on all our kitchen cabinet doors because she opens them and drags all of it out!"

And, for the record, this conversation could have easily been about dogs.

Uh huh.

So what are you waiting for, friends?! Find a shelter and go volunteer! :-)


  1. Our cat gets into the bread if we leave it on the counter too!

  2. As you say no one is shocked by naughty pet stories , my antics are too many to mention. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Having animal types as friends is a real blessing. Those who are crazy enough to volunteer to help them in their spare time are even better - they'll "get" you. :P

  4. Our wonderful old Thomas the Cat wasn't allowed in the kitchen by (one), however, when I opened a can of clam chowder to place in the broth pot, the doorbell rang, so leaving the can on the counter, I went to the door to greet a neighbor who was just stopping by to say hello. We said goodbye and I headed back to the kitchen to find an almost empty can of clam chowder. NO! not our (four of us minus one) wonderful, intelligent, sweet Thomas the Cat. Yep, smart enough to hear the door close and hit the living room. No one ever suspected they were eating "Cat-Tongue-Slobber" Chowder. Well, four minus one didn't give a "clam"!

  5. At least your cat was eating food.

    Luckily, I've found plenty of other pet people to commiserate over my dogs eating my cook books, 2 couches, and a vinyl floor.

    Gee, maybe I'd rather have animals that didn't do those things than shelter volunteer friends who understand. :)

  6. Surprise! I would have thought it was the corgi(s)!

  7. LOL...add me to the mix of "I thought my cat was the only one who did that". And yes, I volunteer for a rescue.
    Lost half a loaf of bread just two days ago. My son was overheard cussing out the cat...

  8. I do volunteer at the shelter! It's fun - but I never thought about it this way. You are right - it's totally another one of the benefits!

  9. Baby locks worked very well for us, too. Just had to be sure the cat who could get in and out of anything wasn't on the inside when we closed the door. Yes - I can see a dog doing the same thing.


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