Friday, September 28, 2012

No Welsh Corgis Were Compensated in the Making of These Photos

No, they behave this way free of charge. What a bargain. ;)

And now for the third (and final) installment in my Jon Farleigh-and-Dewi "fall premier" photo shoot series! (I call it):

"Brother, You're Ruining My Close-up"

(I made this one extra big so you could see Dewi's butt "heart." ;)

[insert awkward silence and whistling]

(Pan to token cat shot)
 Oh, hai. Guess what? This is my face on derp. Oh, and I think this is the part where she
tells you to have a nice weekend.

Have a nice weekend, y'all! 

P.S. And you thought JF was camera shy

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What time is it?! It's Howdy Dewi time! (aka more corgi pics!)

For those of you who are less dated than me, that was a pun on the popular children's 50s TV show Howdy Doody

This post, however, has nothing to do with a talking, buck-toothed doody (because eww*); however, it does have to do with Dewi. 

And now that we're clear on that, as previously promised, a fresh Dewi dump (as in photo)! ;)

Editor's note: This is the part of the shoot where I used a pile of laundry for artistic effect. I didn't want the pose to look too stiff. ;)

Be sure to tune in next time when Dewi wakes up and gets into all the same frames as Jon Farleigh!
(That's right, even more corgi pics are coming up! Yay!) 

*Not that I'm above (if inspired) doing a (Howdy) Doody parody. 

Monday, September 24, 2012

Happy Work Week! Enjoy a Round of (Corgi) Jon Farleigh Pics on Me!

A little dramatic, perhaps, but loads better than "Jon Farleigh Photo Dump," don't you think? ;)

Anyone want to see some recent shots of Jon Farleigh?! 


Hold on, I need to tell you something important first:

I got my formerly-smashed-and-in-the-shop camera back (with little fanfare, a few weeks ago . . . about a month after I wrote Nikon this letter*). It's taken some tranquilizers effort to get over the fear of dropping it again. So, I got it a leash lanyard (neck strap). And I sit on the floor when I use it (less apt to trip sitting down). Corgis are, thankfully, easy to photograph from a sitting (or prone) position.

Okay, here you go!

Photo. Shoot. Over. ;)

Stay tuned! Dewi is up next!

* @NikonUSA sent me a tweet, asking for my contact info, a few days after I posted the letter. Several days after that, I received a brief e-mail message (from the Nikon service department, under a do-not-reply return address), including an apology for the long wait (but not for never responding to my calls) and explaining that a part had been backordered. Coincidentally, the part in question had arrived that very day and I was assured my camera had been moved to the repair floor. The packaged camera arrived on my porch approximately one week later. 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Did You Know? 'Less Adoptable' Pets Are Rarely Nasal Irritants

Hi, it's me, Maddox. Former less-adoptable and sometimes nasal irritant*.

Guess what? This is my happy face! :-)

So today I'll be giving a talk . . . about this business of less adoptable pets, because frankly, it takes one to know one.

Here's the thing:

~ Black is SMACK
~ Different is PRECIOUS
~ Special needs LOVES YOU 10 TIMES OVER
~ Pit bull is as SOFT and SWEET as a MARSHMALLOW 
~ Old is PURE GOLD

~ and tomorrow, *Nasal Irritant (me, Maddox) is getting a complementary dental (can you say no more yuck-mouth?) by the wonderful folks at the Richmond SPCA's Clinic for Compassionate Care! Yippee!

And that's the end of my talk.
(I don't believe in beating around the bush.)

Oh, and know what else?

This is Petfinder's Adopt-A-Less-Adoptable-Pet Week.

Adopt-A-Less-Adoptable-Pet Week 2012

So I'll just be using this as an excuse to introduce you to a couple of my "less-adoptable" homeys who still live at the Richmond (VA) SPCA.

(Note: Okay, maybe I don't know them personally; however, my mom human, who is typing this and who volunteers at the shelter, says they're way cool.)

Here's Ike.

Mom says she rudely woke kitten Ike up from a sound nap one day, but instead of being peeved (as I might have been), he purred, rubbed his shiny black furs all over her and followed her all over the room (which he shares with bunches of other fine cats, like himself).

Mom also says that he's been in the adoptable-cat-play-room WAY too long because his is just one in a small sea of black coats, plus he isn't boisterous keeps to himself, so he could be easily overlooked.

And this is Mona.

Mona and Ike live in the same play room and could be identical twins (even though Mona is a young adult and Ike is still a kitten), so mom sometimes gets them mixed up. Mona, however, is easy the type to plop on your lap before she even really know you, while Ike prefers to gaze at you from a polite distance.

Anyway, mom says Ike and Mona would make a great team, being that they kind of already are, and that since the RSPCA is adopting two kitties for the price of one ($95) through the end of September, will someone go on and bust them out, please?

And lastly, here we have the lovely Lala - a dog. Ahem.

Click here to see a cool RSPCA movie, starring ME, Lala!

Lala, here, is what they call part pit bull and part beagle. I think that makes her a peagle, or a bittie. hehe (Sorry, Lala, but what did you expect from a wise-cracking cat, like myself?) 

Kidding-among-friends aside, though, Lala, like her black-coated shelter-mates above, has been a resident at the RSPCA longer than some others, and mom (who knows her and has witnessed her wonderfullness) just wants to make it clear that (no matter her breed), she is one smooshy-cheeked precious girl . . . who would love to get busted out today!

And with that, I'll close with a question:

Less adoptable?

And an answer (pardon my "French"):

Hayle, no!

Thanks for listening. :)


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