Monday, February 4, 2013

5 Reasons Why (I think) 95% of the People Didn't Caption My Dog's Photo

Thanks to Laurie Eno at The Daily Corgi, whom I persuaded* (with no less than NINE** adorable photos of Jon Farleigh and Dewi driving sitting in the front seat of my car) to add the link to my "out-of-the-ordinary" caption challenge (to benefit CorgiAid) to her Facebook fan page (with somewhere near a trillion likes)... 

[pauses to inhale]

...Dewi's photo-captioning post from three days ago is now the 6th most viewed post I've ever published.

So therefore, it's only natural that I've been fretting mulling over the possible reasons why only five percent of those who paid Dewi's photo a visit actually submitted a caption!

I'm sorry; have we met?
...because you left without giving me something ridiculous to say!

And now - mostly to make myself feel better - I'd like to offer just five of the several possible reasons why (I can't help but think) so many of you left...without so much as a peep!:

  1. Your "commenting" hand has inexplicably fallen off. (ouch)
  2. You are a professional dog-photo-captioner and didn't want to "show up" the nice people whose captions could never be as awesome as yours.
  3. You were going to leave a caption, but then you thought to yourself, "If that comment-grubbing hussy really wanted to make a donation to dog rescue, why didn't she just do it, without dragging her poor derpy dog and me into it?!"
    (To which I'd say, "That wouldn't have been nearly as much fun, you silly!")
  4. You accidentally wound up on my blog after searching for "rainbow clip art."
  5. Your dog ate your comment. 
Might one of these pertain to your experience? Think I'm on the right track, here?? ;-)


Even with the above-mentioned commenting "issues," I've still received lots of captions and am over halfway to my donation goal of $50! Yay!


Great! You still have through this Friday, February 8, to leave a caption, OVER HERE, please!

THANKS, y'all!

* Actually, it wasn't like that at all. Laurie is much too professional and on the up-and-up to succumb to  "persuasion" with adorable photos of corgis in cars. 
** Not all nine of the photos have been published to The Daily Corgi or its social media appendages. Only two of them have (so far) - HERE and HERE.

Look! Bonus photos of Jon Farleigh and Dewi sharing a doggie "cupcake" for Jon's 3rd birthday!


  1. Stop the madness! only 5%! what's up with those slackers...get on it Corgi must have a sense of humour

  2. You forgot the most obvious of all reasons: we commenters are too stupid to think of something better than the commenters who have gone before us.

    I think the picture is adorable and if I had any sense of humor at all, I'd be popping out captions left and right. Alas and alack, I'm a moron and can't come up with anything funnier than has already been offered.

    I KNOW, however, for a fact, that there are people out there FAR superior in intellect and humor than I so I think they need to step it up for all us humorless trolls out here and come up with all the good captions that are waiting to be had. :)

  3. So cute, Happy Birthday JF!

    Maybe people just don't have the confidence to post a caption! lol

  4. I didn't leave a comment because I was thinking "I'll ponder this and come back with something REALLY GOOD." and then I couldn't come up with anything really good... But I'll go comment now!

  5. LOL! Love the hats!

    My vote is for reason #2. :)

    I actually did plan on coming back and adding a few more captions, but I forgot. So instead, I am adding your post to my FB page and asking people to add their captions. I hope it helps!

  6. Pawsome party hats! I think sometimes peeps just can't think of anythings at the moment and then just forget. As innocent as that. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly


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