Thursday, February 7, 2013

Cats Are Cool - An Impromptu Ditty with Vacuum Accompaniment

So I made this little song (ditty) up while vacuuming globs of dog hair from every square inch of my home's first floor (plus furnishings).

I'm sharing it because unless I do (release it from the fun house that is my brain), it will end up being 97 verses long, and I'll need to count backwards and breathe into a paper bag.

It's called:

Cats Are Cool 

(Hint: You can start in any key you like. I personally can't carry a tune.)

Cats are cool. Cats are cool.
They are so cool they should teach it in school.

Cats are cool. Cats are cool.
And if you hate 'em, you might be a tool... the shed...

...that needs to be cat-ibrated! (the tool not the shed, get it?) [gestures an air-high-five]

Cat are cool. Cats are cool.
They eat their own fur and they hardly ever drool.

hum hum hum. la la la.
Nuh nuh-nuh nuh-nuh and they won't jump in your pool.

The end.

Be sure to tune in next time when I clean all four of the litter boxes, singing my newest ditty titled DOGS ARE GREAT!

That's not a joke. Just wait.

P.S. Feel free to add your own cats-are-cool verse in comments.

P.P.S. (added 4/14/13) If you liked this (or want to adopt a new kitty of your own), there are WAY more reasons why cats are cool at Petfinder, whose "I Am a Cat Parent" awareness campaign is in full swing! Go there!


  1. You are a great songstress. This song will catch on, we are sure. In fact we are singing it already!

    We have tumbleweeds of fur all over our house too. We pretend not to see it. Miaow!

  2. My you should see our pad.....vacular is always out getting rid of the tumbleweeds. Dog R Cool........can't wait for our version. Have a terrific Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. You got that right... we are cool.

    Have a great day.

    hugs, Max, Bugsy, and Knuckles

  4. Loll too good.... Have a tune in my head for this!

  5. We are looking forward to your next song too!
    Benny & Lily

  6. You have a wonderful creative mind and I am glad you share it with us! I love this blog!

  7. My cats agree. Even my dog agrees (he thinks he is a cat)

  8. Great song...#1 on today's playlist :)

  9. ROFL! You never fail to make me smile or laugh.
    Great song. I'm going to memorize it and sing it to our cats. ;P

  10. Hmmmm, my cat eats his own fur and then throws up on my bed, or socks, or shoes, or his bed. Boo!! But I love your song :)

  11. But, see, this needs to be a video so I can feature it on Dog Song Saturday... ;-)

  12. Cats are cool, cats are cool...most doggies love to eat our stool...LOL! (And ew!)


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