Monday, September 2, 2013

Happy Labor Day; Don't Forget to Rest (a PSA Illustrated with Sleepy Corgis and Cats)

Whoever coined the phrase "Work Hard, Play Hard" forgot to add "Sleep Hard." Obviously, they weren't paying close enough attention to their beasts. 

Please don't be like that person. 

(End of PSA)

Enjoy your day, and my sleepy/sleeping animals!

Tired from chasing Jon Farleigh.

Tired from dragging a piece of string in circles for 10 minutes.

Tired simply from being awake for an hour straight. 

Tired from sleeping too vigorously.

Food coma.

Tired from watching me (pretend to) clean.

Tired from being alive for 10 years.

Tired from being alive for 4 months.

Tired of me taking his picture.
(As for the Kong? It's complicated.)

Tired of being tired of me taking his picture.

Wondering why I'm not tired, too. ;-)

Please note: Beginning this week, and for an undetermined duration, I will be adding a second weekly blog post, containing nothing but a captioned photo (meme). Because, to me, caption writing is good mental exercise. ;-) See you in a few!


  1. According to my dogs and cat they are always alert and on duty even when they look like they are sleeping.

  2. Well I love all the captions on these photos! Definitely made me laugh out loud. Happy Labor Day!

  3. Haha, those are some great sleepy faces :) I've got mine on.

  4. I will not show these photos to my pets who were forced to work today... but I like them and I am tired from feeding the pets treats for working.

  5. Man, I'm just tired reading all about your tired weekend...yawn!! ;-) Keep up the excellent napping!

  6. We agree excellent lesson in napping. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  7. My FAVORITE granddogs and grandcats. I love them too. Photos are AWESOME taken by an AWESOME photographer!!! Good work...

  8. SUPER CUTE!! I just want to climb into my computer screen and take a nap with them! :-)

  9. Love pics of pups and kitties sleeping with their bellies exposed. They just look so sweet, and obviously they feel safe, secure and loved. Sweet!

  10. Boy are those busy beasts! Makes me tired just thinking of all the work they've done. Good thing it's Labor Day and they rest today ;) You're gonna climb in there and snuggle up with them, right? Have a great holiday!

  11. Happy Labor Day! <3 They are all so cute and they do look very sleepy! :D


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