Thursday, December 12, 2013

Why You Should Give #BarkBoxGifts - a Monthly Dog Box Even Clark Griswold Would Approve of

No, not for himself, you silly! (Ahem. Jelly of the month club?! The "gift that keeps on giving"?! Anyone?) For Cousin Eddie's dog, Snots! My gosh, have you seen what that dog eats?! Eww!

This post is sponsored by BarkBox, but I wrote it, and dangit, I mean every word!

Alright, now that we're clear on that, I have to ask: Do you need to get someone "who has everything" a gift? Concerned that the generic gift card just isn't personal enough?

Well, let me offer a suggestion: Give them (on behalf of their dog) a monthly BarkBox subscription!

BarkBox in a nutshell: A monthly box of dog goodies! Okay, in a BIGGER nutshell (in mostly their words): BarkBox is a (NYC based) company that aims to surprise and delight with monthly gift boxes for dogs. Each box is packed with a combination of 4-6 all-natural treats, cool toys and hygiene products - things you won't find at the typical big-box pet store. The people at BarkBox put lots of thought, research, and time in creating each month's box, from only choosing high quality vendors using top ingredients in their treats, to observing their own dogs putting certain toys to the test.

For more on the story behind the boxes, go here.

Our November box (which aptly had a "comfort" theme). Here's what was in it:
Treats: Bocce's Bakery Truffle Mac & Cheese, Nootie duck yumZiez, N-Bone Twistix vanilla mint dental chews
Toy: Petsafe pogo plush slap happy (unstuffed, with flexible, interior plastic boning and free-floating squeaker)

BarkBoxes are available for small, medium and large dogs, all for the same price.
: If the recipient's dog is a power chewer, consider upsizing to the next larger size.

These types of people (in my experienced opinion) would be ideal receivers:

1. Those who have (and ♥) dogs. Yes, that would seem to be a given; I'd just like to make it clear that BarkBox toys and treats are for dogs (not people, cats, birds...or even seals or sea lions -  even though they bark).

2. Those who love getting packages full of awesome things in the mail, especially boxes full of surprises for their dogs! (Hint: Not the Grinch, nor Oscar the Grouch.)

3. People who spoil their dogs (and if they can't afford to do it with treats and toys, they make up for it with love)! (See illustration below.)

It's okay. I didn't like sleeping on the bed that much anyway. ;)

4. People who have dogs (like Dewi) who need magic wieners extra high value treats in order to graduate basic obedience and pass their Canine Good Citizen tests. (Note: Just substitute your own scenario here, okay?) :)

Mother load of dogness, what's this?!

All BarkBox treats are sourced from the USA and Canada, and chews are sourced from the USA, Canada, South America, Australia and New Zealand.

Sounding like a possibility? Well, hold on; I have more!

Why I Chose BarkBox (for my own dogs):

1. They gave me a free November box to try first. Yes, they did. And you know what? We were so impressed, that I purchased a 3-month subscription for Jon Farleigh and Dewi on the same day the free box arrived! (Think about it: aren't some of the best gifts those you really wanted for a long time, but just couldn't justify spending the money on yourself? Yeah, that's how I felt getting that free box from BarkBox! They just make folks happy, you know?)

By the way, the dogs haven't eaten any of the treats yet, because I told them they had to eat their already-opened treats first. However, I will make a prediction: THEY WILL LOVE THEM. (They eat anything, okay? What's more impressive, though, is that I'm tempted to eat some of the Mac & Cheese treats. Doggone it. ;)

"Must keep a straight face. Can NOT let on that I saw a brand new stuffie in that box."

2. I get a good vibe from the company, starting with the fact that I can go to its website, see and read about the actual people behind it, and get a feel of its culture. (And, I've been following them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and subscribing to their riotous newsletter for months!)

They learned how to take turns in puppy kindergarten. Not. (It's called tug-of-war, friends.
And the score is: JF-1, Dewi-1.)

3. THEY GIVE BACK (10% of revenue) TO ANIMAL WELFARE ORGANIZATIONS, including my local Richmond SPCA!

Are you ready? Awesome! Here are a few good things to know before ordering:

1. Gift subscriptions are available for 1 month ($29), 3 months ($72), 6 months ($114) and 12 months ($199). The longer the subscription, the better the deal. Shipping is included.

2. You'll need the recipient's email address when placing the order. BarkBox will send the lucky person a (cheerful) email, letting them know they've been gifted and requesting their contact information.

Here's to happy gifting and happy dogs!


I heart you; therefore, I'm gonna tell you strait-up:
I've written this post on behalf of BlogPaws Pet Blogger Network for BarkBox. I'm being compensated for helping spread the word about BarkBox, but The Chronicles of Cardigan only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers.

Tip: Hover over the video and click the mute icon to hear Dewi give BarkBox a 4 (out of 4)-bark approval rating!

Thanks for sitting through the credits. :)


  1. Enjoy your Barkbox and have fun.
    Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. What a great review! Love your humor lol... Shiner loved her BarkBox too! Especially that Slap Happy toy.

  3. Nice review and what a great gift for any dog owner.

    LOL at Snots dog!

  4. We love Bark Box - the November box was especially good and we are anxiously awaiting December! Ruby sure wishes she had a tug-buddy like Dewi or JF!


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