Wednesday, December 11, 2013

It Rhymes With 'Hump' Day: Chump

[Cue Jeopardy theme music.]

Contestant: "I'll take 'Words that rhyme with hump' for $600, Alex."

Alex Trebek: "Alright, for $600, here's the clue. In March, 2011, the author of the fledgling, slightly off-center, dog blog, The Chronicles of Cardigan, made these (infamous) remarks to her canine blog subjects, Jon Farleigh and Dewi (pictured)":

"Okay boys, I found these really cool St. Patrick's Day ties in the dollar bins at Target. Think you can sit still up here long enough for me to take some pictures for the blog? It'll just be this one time, okay, boys? Wanna treat??"

> BUZZ! <

Contestant: "Chum, I mean...what is CHUMP?!"

Alex Trebek: "That is correct."

Sadly, this particular contestant wound up with negative winnings after a particularly bad double-jeopardy wager, and had to sit out of the final jeopardy round. 

Please note: In spite of their forlorn expressions, no dogs were deprived, coerced nor otherwise harmed in the making of this blog post (nor the original in 2011).


Tune in next Wednesday when I rhyme "hump" with...


  1. It's a good thing the boys don't speak English. I hear the Target discount bin always has something interesting.


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