Monday, December 16, 2013

Chronicles of Cardigan's Top 11 Most Ridiculous Posts of 2013

Ridiculous meaning most-viewed/read/scanned/gawked at - minus two Blogger how-to's (here and here), a theme park pet care review, and a giveaway. Because, zzzzzz. (No really, none of that stuff is ridiculous; it just gets googled a lot. Which means that today, it is boring and irrelevant. ;)

A preface poem: Your eyes are like paper, and these posts are like glue. When you read them, don't get too close, lest you wind up in the emergency these poor people who may or may not have gotten accidentally glued to things! (Maybe I should've just said they'd get stuck on you. Oh, never mind!) ☺

And, here you go: my 2013 reader favorites (in ascending order)!

11. Dwayne's World Presents: Bohemian Dog Rhapsody (a song parody)

Yes, I dared to go there. It was the hardest post (creatively) I've ever written (laid in my brain percolating for months). And, dang it, if I didn't use ShamWow in a sentence! Pepto Bismol too! Holy cow, what a wacky post!

10. 10 (Previously Unpublished) Reasons Why My Dogs Are Strange

There might be screaming. Crazy@ss baboon screaming. :D

9. 5 Less Obvious Reasons Why I'm Thankful for My Dogs (and How You Can #ShakeItForward)

If you think you might have just seen this one, you're right. It's less than a month old. Wow. What's even better than it making the list, though, is that Iams (for whom I wrote the post, so people would watch a funny dog video, and then for every view up to 500,000, Iams would donate a bowl of food to feed a shelter pet) recently met their goal! Half a million meals are on their way to dogs and cats across the US!

8. National Buffoon's Animal House, With a Side of Bacon

I don't have a clue how this post was borne of my brain. All I did was find a couple of cheap, bacon-patterned neck ties at Target, and the next thing I knew, my dogs were pledging a fraternity. I Smelta Pie, no less.

7. What if LOL Cats Were LOL Cicadas?

You know? I thought I was on to something with this one, but, turns out, people don't really care much for LOL cicadas. I have no idea why. Oh, and there's a really important message about shelter pets in this post. Really and truly, there is.

6. Blogger-to-Blogger Grammar Tips: How to Avoid Homonym Hades (Illustrated With Funny Pet Photos)

In hind sight, I might have been temporarily nuts for publishing a grammar guide (because when one ventures down that road, one better make darn sure one hasn't screwed up one's own grammar, lest one gets a reputation for being a blithering knitwit nitwit). Oh well! (Psst. You'll let me know in comments if I did {screw up my own grammar}, right? Please.)

5. Beer Bottle Cap Pet ID Tags, plus TAKE THE QUIZ on Dogs + Beer in Pop Culture!

So, there's the part at the beginning where I review the Guinness Extra Stout bottle cap tag I got for my kitten, Bobby Flay O'Fish, but then it veers off into dogs and beer, with a pop trivia quiz (that people can still take) at the end. ahem.

4. I Took My Dogs Into Tiffany & Co., and Why This Is Important to Me

This post is two years old, and I was NOT expecting it to be here. But while I've got your attention, have you seen the one where I take the dogs into a Tiffany's at my local dog-friendly mall? Just to say we did it?

3. I Would Do Anything for a Ball, But I Won't Do That

Wherein I test my dogs' aptitude for fetching a tennis ball. The results were shocking...and breathtakingly adorable.

2. 13 Things (besides obscenities) to Not Name Your Dog

Trust me; just don't do it. ANY of it! ☺

1. The Unbearable Cuteness of Being Free

Independence Day like you've never, ever seen it! ♥♥♥

1,000 thank you's for being the best readers a slightly deranged girl could ask for!


  1. You write great, funny titles. No wonder those posts got a lot of attention :)

  2. So many of these have also made appearances on my monthly roundups... you never fail to entertain me! :)

  3. I somehow missed the cicada post. LOL! Fun-nee!

  4. No, thank you for being deranged. :)

    Of course, I may never forgive you for making me think of pink stomach medicines every time I hear Bohemian Rhapsody.

  5. I Smelta Pie. One of my all-time fave lines. Some great classics here! Laughed all over again!

  6. Brilliant, just plain brilliant - all of them!

  7. Loved seeing them and they gave us a much needed smile.
    Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  8. Glad I found your blog. Its been a fun read!


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