Wednesday, February 19, 2014

It Rhymes With 'Hump' Day: Mugwump (possibly the first time used to describe a dog in recorded history)

Mugwump (definition from Urban Dictionary, because it best suits this absurd blog post my purposes. Also, I've taken the liberty of removing all instances of the word "man." You'll see why.):

"A politically un-enslaved dog. A dog with high, definite principals. A dog who does not ask for office, nor accept office. A dog who votes for the best species, regardless of his/her party name."

In the following example, Dewi is a mugwump:

Me to Dewi: "So, would you ever vote for a cat?"

Dewi: "A cat? {pauses to think} I mean, as a registered dog, I've historically gone dog. But, as a matter of principal, say, for example, the dog candidate wants to raise the tax on bacon, but the cat candidate is all about affordable bacon for everyone? Well, it'd certainly make me unpopular among my canine constituents, but heck yeah, I'd vote for the cat!

Would you excuse me for a moment? The cat's become dislodged."

"Mmmm, not bacon...can't quite...."

And, that does it for my example!

So, is anyone else's dog a mugwump? ;))


<> The word "mugwump" can be political; this blog, however, is not, and therefore, any secret messages you think you see, are in fact, rooted in your imagination. 
<> I made up the whole example. Dewi isn't really a mugwump. Please refer to yesterday's post, if needed.
<> I used this same photo sequence in a previous blog post about the importance of enunciating training commands. That post is equally ridiculous. 
<> I'll give 25 vanity points to the first person who can correctly name the iconic American author who self-identified as a mugwump in one of his published writings. Hint: It's only one person, but I'll accept two different answers. ☺

Tune in next Wednesday when I rhyme 'hump' with...


  1. I'm going to guess and say Mark Twain, or, Samuel Clemens. sounds like something he'd say. BTW...wasn't Mama Cass in a group called the Mugwumps prior to the Mamas/Pappas?

    1. Mark Twain (aka Samuel Clemens) i'twas! 25 points for you! :) And (I had to look it up), but yes, Mama Cass was in a group called the Mugwumps for 8 mos. in 1964. Why on earth they called themselves that is beyond me. :)

  2. Darn, I was going to guess Mark Twain, but I see I was beaten!

    Rita would vote cat if it meant affordable bacon for everypawdy. But are cats pro-bacon? I know they're pro-tuna, as is Rita, so there's bi-speciesan agreement there at least.

    1. Bi-speciesan! hehe! I have at least two kitties who are pro-bacon (I know this because they begged and I caved). I do have one cat who won't touch table scraps, though, including tuna. Perhaps she's a Catarchist, or Libertabbian. ;)

  3. I think Dewy would be fair. He has excellent reasoning (even if you made it up.. Your notes are hilarious.

  4. If it means affordable bacon we'd vote too LOL! Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. As a registered dog lover I always vote along dog party lines!


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