Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Yes, It's a Yawning Dog (vs a Whooping Party Animal) - Wherein I Debunk 5 Outrageous Photo Memes

Let me preface with my motivation for this post (something I tweeted during a BlogPaws "party"):

Followed by a legitimate question from a reader, regarding the photo (and its context)...

But--in my defense--he DOES look like he could be whooping it up at a party, doesn't he? ;)

Seriously, though, y'all know Jon Farleigh and Dewi are just "regular" dogs, right? I mean, for instance, this:

It's obvious that Jon Farleigh's not really constipated, but instead, having some sort of euphoric daydream*, isn't it?

Or, here:

Dewi can't be dreaming of roast turkey (I hardly ever make it), so he's got to be dreaming of bacon! Duh.

Or, this:

[In the vet's parking lot.]
Dewi to Jon: "Hey, dude, how's my drivin?"
Jon to Dewi: "I think we're parked, man."

You know they're not really channeling Cheech and Chong, don't you?!

And, what about this?:

It would be preposterous to think Dewi could be that excited about a pile of fresh kitty "brownies" in the mulch**. Besides, my cats don't even go outside!

And, here, this last one:

Jon Farleigh, upon seeing the human bring out the beer keg. 

What human in his right mind would bring out a kegger at a dog's birthday party?! No, no, no! It was BACON***! DUH!

So, there you go! No more pretending! My dogs are just plain old boring, okay? (And, if you believe that, I've got a no-bake, gluten-free "brownie" recipe I'll sell you for real cheap.☺)

* Euphoric = Bacon
** It wasn't brownies; someone probably brought a BLT outside.
*** Let's get real; all dog memes--when broken down--are probably about bacon. ahem.


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  1. Love ALL those photos. Especially the dreaming of turkey, I mean, bacon (!) one.

    Thanks so much for the giveaway of my "babies." I hope someone will be happy to get them. :) Wish I could make the chat!

  2. I can't believe that people need to be bribed to attend a super fun Twitter chat like #cardicomedy! Wait. I haven't remembered/been able to attend for several weeks but I do plan to come this week! Not because of the bribe though. It's totally not that. Wait. Jackie's books have been on my list for a while... Okay. Bribe away!

  3. Turkey, bacon we don't care we are there. We have read both of Jackie's fabulous books. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly


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