Saturday, March 15, 2014

Thanks to Mia and Etsy, I'm Taking My Woolly Red Corgi to #BlogPaws, After All!

Please allow me to break that title down for you...

First of all, you need to meet Mia:

Note: Mia is NOT a store logo; she is the crafty, creative genius behind the pictured shop that bears her name.

The woolly* red corgi is Jon Farleigh, as illustrated here:

Also of significance (however, not appearing in the post title) is that Jon Farleigh's dog-dad (Yardican's Roland {Sam}) was born in Finland, to Finnish parents, which makes Jon Farleigh 1/2 Finnish. Mia (of Handmade by Mia) is located in Finland.

And, thanks to a little skill and a lotta luck -- which won me a free conference pass and a comped hotel night -- this...

It will be my 3rd BlogPaws, the first two of which were located in my home state of Virginia, and, because I drove my car, made it possible to for me to bring Jon Farleigh and Dewi. 

There is no way in Sam Hill I'm driving to Las Vegas. Soooo, being adverse to the idea of the boys riding in the belly of a jetliner cross-country, I am resolved to leave their furry butts at home. Boo.

I will, however, be toting a smaller, woollier version of Jon Farleigh -- on the plane, and all through the conference -- because Mia (in Finland) made me this little custom handbag!

...At the sight of which, I squeed and nearly sprained my cheeks (the facial ones, ugh) from the protracted smiling. Oh my gosh! Isn't it adorable?!

The bag, hand knitted from Finnish lamb's wool (the color of which I selected) and then machine felted by Mia, is roomy enough to carry all my essentials (plastic, cash, phone, lip balm, pen, keys, a couple poop bags, etc.) and has a hidden loop at the corner to which I can attach a wrist strap (my own, purchased from a different shop on Etsy).

Note: Bobby Flay (whose paws are in the above image) was just trying to play with the bag help.

Back detail
Mia uses whimsical, vintage cloth to line all her bags, and I am thrilled with what she chose for me!

More bees...

...and more doggies!

(The model with his flat likeness)
What'cha looking at up there?

Although Mia had already drawn a Pembroke corgi for another customer, and we'd agreed upon that basic design, I emailed her a photo of Jon Farleigh and she made adjustments for his unique white markings, tail and ear shape, to more accurately reflect the Cardigan breed. (Note: I requested his coat to be the "correct" length because I didn't want anyone to mistake him for a fox. Truth.) The Lily of the Valley and happy bee sidekick were also my idea.

I have no idea why I chose those specific things.


Oh wait, yes I do! ☺

I just LOOOVE my felted, Finnish, woolly Jon Farleigh purse and you can bet I'll be carrying it proudly at BlogPaws!

Shoot, I might even pack this other bag I got from Mia (a few months back), too!

Because kittehs need representation!

I purchased the adorable kitty purse out of Mia's existing shop inventory; however, I did ask her to add a loop so I could attach a wrist strap.

Do you like? If yes, you simply must check out Mia's shop! Her items tend to move quickly, so for the best idea of all the fanciful little designs she can do, be sure to look at her reviews (there are pages upon pages of them). All of the reviews link back to the purchased item. Hint: That's how I was able to get ideas for my Jon Farleigh bag, and soon-to-be Dewi bag (for fall).

You should also know that only a week transpired from my initial email inquiry about the custom bag to the day Mia shipped it to me. Just one week! Her communication is impeccable, prices reasonable and shipping from Finland to the US is relatively quick, at about 7 business days.

I can't wait to see what she can do with Dewi in a few months!

Payback for all the orifice sniffing Bobby Flay has endured.

Anyone else going to BlogPaws? If so, please be sure to say "hi"! You'll find me wandering about, trying to use my green corgi purse as a conversation piece.☺ (What do you expect me to do without my two low riders attached to my side??)

* The "correct" term for an incorrect (too long) Welsh corgi (Cardigan and Pembroke) coat is "fluffy," not woolly. However, being that there are many degrees of "fluffy" coats, Jon Farleigh's (especially in humidity) seems to have erred more on the woolly side. And what a glorious woolly "error" it is!

Join me this Sunday, March 16!


  1. That bag is so cute. Pity you can't take Dewi and JF to Vegas but we know you will have a fabulous time and we look forward to hearing all about it.
    Have a serene Sunday and let us all get on some big easy today.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Even the inside is adorable! Your bag is one of the cutest things I've ever seen. Definitely checking out Mia's shop.

  3. Like it?!? Ma says she LOVES it! It is beautiful!
    Happy Sunday,

  4. Have to love scoring free tickets and a hotel room in Vegas! Enjoy!

    Cool bag she made you!

  5. Oh my gosh that is ADORABLE! I love it!

  6. That is so dang adorable! I'll keep an eye out for the green corgi purse and come say hi! :)

    1. Please do, Maggie! I have you on my list of "must-meets". :)


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