Wednesday, March 12, 2014

It Rhymes With 'Hump' Day: Harrumph, Harrumph, Harrumph!

No, it doesn't exactly rhyme, but I've had it up to my thinning eyelashes with these "hump" words, okay! Harrumph!


So, I googled "harrumph" and what do you think popped up right at the top of the first page? The definition, maybe? Nope! Try a YouTube video of a scene from the movie Blazing Saddles!

Yes, of all the words through which Google could search on the internet, a VIDEO from Blazing Saddles. What kind of society do we live in? (Don't answer that.) Wanna know something else that I find even more disconcerting than the results of my Google search? My husband quoted word-for-word the entire scene that was in the video (without seeing the video). Yep. This is my life.

So, guess what? Jon Farleigh and Dewi are gettin' ready to quote the whole scene for you, now, too!

In case you had listed "read a ridiculous dog blog that does a parody of a scene in Blazing Saddles" on your bucket list, you can go ahead and check that one off. ;-)

Oh, and here's the actual movie footage starring Mel Brooks and Harvey Korman. (Just so you know I didn't make all this up.)

Tune in...wait a minute. I think I mentioned that I'd had it up to my eyelashes with these "hump" words. Yeah, I think I'm done. So, tune in next Wednesday when I DON'T rhyme "hump" with NOTHING! (Because, really, nothing rhymes with "nothing," anyway.)



  1. My whole family could quote that scene too. We had a Pembroke Corgi when I was growing up whose registered name was Haversach's Blazing Saddles. He went by Bronco. Love the movie and love the corgis!

    1. That is awesome, McVanE! A corgi called Blazing Saddles (Bronco) (and thank you for saying so)! Best name ever! I was being a little facetious in the post about the movie (as I, too, have seen it multiple times) - but quoting it is not a skill that I possess. :)

  2. Such a funny movie! Love Mel Brooks. Harrumph!

  3. LOL guys you make us smile.
    Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly


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