Thursday, May 29, 2014

That Picture Don't Make a Lick of Sense: Sibling Rivalry

Are you ready? Because I'd love for you to tell me WHAT IN THE WORLD is going on in this picture!

OK, wait a second. No, don't tell me what's going on in that picture; it's as plain as an unsalted saltine cracker. Jon Farleigh's sister Georgia (whom we all got to see at last weekend's Cardi party*) is obviously telling him something important. So, I guess the better question for this week's installment should be: WHAT IN THE WORLD is Georgia saying to Jon Farleigh?

Here, maybe if I show you the picture frames right before and after, it'll help get your thoughts moving.




So, what do you think she said (hint: there is one best answer, based on a "classic Cardigan" post).

A. You disem-squeaked hedgie, Jonny?!! Cuz Dewi said you disem-squeaked him! Hedgie? Really, Jon? How could you?!
B. Jonathan Farleigh! I told you three years ago that I'm not interested in your roomie that way! So, call him off, bro. Call that sniffy-feely blue boy OFF! 
C. I said NO, Jon Farleigh! (JF: Well, I said yes.) When I say no, I mean NO! (JF: But I said yes.) Well, I will tell your mama and you will GO HOME!
D. It's not FUNNY, Jon Farleigh! Stop saying it! Just. Stop. Saying it. Chex Mix is not cereal and there is no such thing as a McWHOPPER! Sheesh!

Leave your best guess in comments or on the Facebook page!


And, as for the picture of the boys in front of the fire...

C. They're posing for a holiday card, but the temperature outside was in the upper 60s.

That shot was an outtake. Here's the final product (and my very first ever post to this blog on 12/29/10).

Now, if that wasn't a sign of things to come, I don't know what is. ☺

* I still have more Cardi party pics to share. Slowly but surely, remember?


  1. As soon as I saw the photo sequence, and before reading the choices, I thought Georgia would be complaining about unwanted advances from Dewie, so B is definitely the choice!

  2. I totally agree with Taryn. B is my choice.

  3. I'm with you guys...B it is!

  4. We think you guys are up to no good. Lily and Edward

  5. BOL BOL funny B for us too. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. Looks like we're all going to get As on this one! I mean "A" grades, cuz I'm pretty sure the answer is B!

    Too cute!

  7. We're going with everybuddy else.

  8. Have to go with B. She ain't getting hooked up!

  9. i agree with the others...definitely B ~ unwanted sniffing!

  10. I don't know what she said, but she sure schooled him didn't she...So expressive. I agree with most everyone - it's probably B.

  11. LOL your photos always make me laugh! That was your first one?? Definitely a sign of things to come....awesome things...

    I haven't a clue what she's saying, but I'm gonna go with B. Sure looks like it!


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