Wednesday, January 28, 2015

8 Obvious Reasons Why Dogs Sit on Cats [With BONUS Video]

If you've lived dangerously* - as I have - perhaps you've witnessed it: a dog backing up to a cat and resting his entire backside (usually with tail in the upright position, thereby, fully exposing the butthole) directly over the cat's face. Or, if his aim is off (as my dogs' usually is, because they're corgis, and have limited clearance between their butts and the floor), on the flat part of the cat's side, as if sitting on a back-less futon.

It's quite a sight to behold, actually. Not so much the act of sitting on the cat, but that, in many cases, the cat either a) seems to enjoy it, or b) is momentarily paralyzed from shock, and therefore, just lies there motionless, and allows you to take several photos and/or video.

Now, I realize many of you haven't lived as dangerously* as I, which is why I've curated this collection of my own photos**, plus a compilation video (of someone else's dogs and cats). I think you'll find it (the collection) educational.

* By dangerously, I mean, there's a flock*** of pets in my house. 
*** Flock = at least 3 broken vacuums in 4 years.
** Previously published.

What? Is there something stuck on my fur?

Yeah, I'm thinking that's gonna leave a skid mark. 

Speaking of educational, it occurred to me a few hours ago, that there must be a good reason why dogs get the urge to just sit on a cat. I doubt anyone has ever done a scientific study on that, though (who'd fund one?), so I didn't bother wasting my time on Google. I was, however - using personal anecdotal evidence - able to brainstorm a few reasons of my own. They all seemed obvious, I might add. See if you agree.

8 Reasons Why Dogs Sit on Cats
  1. to dominate them
  2. to humiliate them
  3. to retaliate against them
  4. they think it's funny
  5. they're emotionally immature (might be redundant)
  6. chairs are too hard against their hard dog buns
  7. they thought you gave the command, "sit on a cat," when you actually mumbled, "go to your mat"
  8. they heard your command perfectly, but sat on the cat because it was softer than their mat. 
So? Think I'm in the ballpark? Can you think of any other reason(s)? Does anyone want to sponsor a scientific study? 

Wait! Before you decide whether to sponsor the study, check out this (hilarious) video compilation!
P.S. Do not be alarmed. Sometimes the cat sits on the dog, too. Those instances would NOT be included in the study.

So, how about now? Think I should set up crowdsourcing to fund a study? Yeah, me neither.

Might as well check for bedbugs while I'm down here...


  1. Bahahahahahaha!!!! And the mystery of why cats find it necessary to groom themselves often is solved. If someone sat on me with their bung hole exposed, I too would feel the need to make myself clean.

    Now I want to get a cat, just so I can watch Blueberry sit on it...

    1. Ew! They have to lick it off! :P Oh, and be careful wheat you wish for; you could get a cat who sits on Blueberry!

  2. We don't have any cats for Luna to sit on, but I wouldn't be surprised if she would do it too!!

    1. Jon Farleigh's never done it, only Dewi. But who knows, Luna might enjoy it. ;)

  3. Most of the time my cats sit on my dogs! LOL

    1. Maddox tries to sit on the dogs when I'm on the couch. It scares the heebie-jeebies out of them and they run. :)

  4. Thank cod there's no dogs in this house! We'd never let them get away with that.

  5. No cats here but that made us chuckle. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. I think it is because they have no idea what their tushies are doing..

  7. I know this is a thing, but I've had dogs and cats all my life and I've never seen this happen. I'm 60.


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