Tuesday, May 19, 2015

This Picture Is Worth 1,000 Words Wednesday: A Red Dog Lying Alone on the Floor

Here's the picture:

Think you can guess the 1,000 (give or take)-word backstory?

How about a hint (or 18)?

Well? Can you guess the words, now? (Poor Jon Farleigh; he's always drawing the short {and narrow} straw!)☺

Have you ever seen such afflicted dog expressions? Do you have pets who jockey for the same chair or bed or blanket? Who wins?

Note: Photos were previously published in 2011.


  1. Aww it always seems a bit sadder when it's not your own dog; I know Laika tries to join me on the chair sometimes and eventually sighs and lays on the floor. It's not like I'm going to scoot over for all 75 pounds of her. The 4th from the bottom is the saddest expression ever.

  2. Yeah, don't feel too sad. There's no shortage of places to lie down around here; that window seat is kind of like riding shotgun for them, though. ;) Unfortunately, they can't "call" it like human kids. I still feel a little bad pushing a pet out of the way om the couch, but it usually passes (and they just get on my lap anyway). But a 75-pounder like Laika? Now, that would be like TWO corgis at once. I don't think so! ☺

  3. Those pics are SO cute. The expressions on their faces! Funny.

  4. Arnold won't share my lap and Bo and Punkin won't share their beds with him !

  5. They look just so cute together on that chair. Even those there's a look of aggravation on their faces.

  6. Poor Jon Farleigh. He has it so rough being relegated to the oriental rug. :)

    The only one Honey has to compete with for the couch is me and my husband. And truth to tell, sometimes we end up on the floor.

  7. Oh, those expressions are worth a thousand words! Love those puppies!!


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