Sunday, July 5, 2015

Sweatin' to the Summertime Oldies: Corgi Beach Karaoke with Jon Farleigh, Dewi and Merrick Seasonals Dog Food

Note: This post has nothing to do with exercising to old music, leg warmers, or Richard Simmons.

Disclosure: There's no beach in our backyard. Just pretend the brown grass is sand.


Merrick has given me (for free) 100% of their summer seasonals dog food pictured and 88.6% of the creative spark for this blog post. The dogs' good looks, tacky holiday-themed accessories, singing voices and opinions, however, are 100% their own.

And with that, here's Jon Farleigh. 

[Shhh, y'all. Please don't let on that you've noticed his outfit. You wouldn't believe how hard it was for me to get him to go on camera like this!]

Thanks for coming, everybody; I'm Jon Farleigh.

When I think of summertime, six things come to mind:
  1. Meat
  2. Getting hot
  3. Cooling off
  4. Meat and fish
  5. Foods that go well with meat and fish
  6. Singing festive songs
OK, maybe there's an extra meat in there, but it's like this: When I'm slinking around the backyard and all that grill smoke goes wafting by my nostrils, it just makes thinking about anything but meat near impossible. Shoot, I should've added a third (and in all caps) MEAT to that list! (Next year, for sure!)

Tip: Click the play button down below for a heightened sensory grilling-experience.

But before I get going here, let's just make a couple things clear (for us dogs):
  • Meat is good, but GRILLS ARE HOT! Just DO NOT get on, nor anywhere near, them while the peeps are charring that meat! Have you ever smelled burning fur? No? Well, I smelled some burning peep fur that got caught in the hair dryer, and let me tell you, IT SMELLS BAD. Nasty, burning fur smell does NOT mingle well with burning meat smell. Plus, singed fur. Just no. 
  • Meat is good, but the human kind, with the grease and sticky marlinades (sp?) and stuff? It WILL MAKE YOUR colon BLOW (pardon my French), if you eat too much! And by too much, I mean, not even enough to make you full! Yes, it sucks! But think of your colon, and - for the love of regularity - be happy with the measly scraps they throw you!

Hold up; I dropped my bribe treat. Hey, does that say "POO"?? 

OK, I'm back.

Hey, you know that old peep saying that you "can't have your cake and eat it too"? (Ha, you can have it IN YOUR BELLY. Sorry, I digress.) Well, guess what? It doesn't apply to grilled meat! Nope, thanks to the magic chefs at Merrick - who cooked up all their new, summer seasonals* recipes - we can have our grilled meat (no flames required) AND...EAT IT ALL! (OK, not all, as in a whole truckload of a seasonals recipe, but enough to fill your regular-sized dinner plate!) Woo hoo! Yay for summer and Merrick dog food!

Do you know what else? With all the delicious, summer music-inspired recipe names, I thought Dewi and I would do a little karaoke for you all! Maybe your peep'll get you some of this mouth-slobbering summertime food, so you can have some dinner while you watch! It'll be like we're having a virtual barbecue on the brown grass dog beach! 

Hey, Dewi, you're up! Get over here!

(to Jon Farleigh, off camera) Yeah, man. What am I supposed to be doing?

(Jon Farleigh, from off camera) Turn around and talk to the party-ers, ya dork!

(Dewi, to himself) Takes one to know one, butt munch.

Oh, hey, y'all. Having fun yet? What was that? You say, "your fun quotient will rise a thousand percent when JF and me get up and sing"?? Well, HOT DOG! Let's get this party started, baby!

Yee haaaaaaaaaaw!

Inspired by Summer Lovin' Stew™...

Summer Nights (Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta, Grease original soundtrack)

Click the play button to hear the song!

♪♪ Summer lovin' had me a blast.

♪♪ Summer lovin' happened so fast.

♪♪ Met a girl crazy for me.

♪♪ Met a boy cute as can be.

♪♪ Summer days drifting away
To, uh oh, those summer nights.

Well-a well-a well-a huh?

::: CUT! :::

Oh, NO! The karaoke stops right here, y'all! There's nothing more to tell here, got it?!

(darn straight.)

Alright, alright. That's not the only song we're playing. Check this out...

Inspired by Surf n' Turf USA™...

Surfin' USA
(The Beach Boys)

Click play, if you wanna hear it!

corgi dewi sings karaoke

♪♪ If everybody had an ocean
Across the USA.
Then everybody'd be surfin'
Like Californi-a.

♪♪ You'd see 'em wearing their baggies
Huarache sandals too.
A bushy bushy blond hairdo
Surfin' USA.


What the heck is this song even about, man? I'm talking about surf n' turf! Steak and shrimp! If everybody had an ocean, everybody'd need a fishing pole! And what the fudge pudding does a bushy bushy blond hairdo have to do with it?! Maybe we can see the hibachi sandals...wait. HIBACHI SANDALS? Surfer shoes double as hibachi's??

OMD, that's just DUMB!

But speaking of shrimp, hold up, y'all! It's time for our bribe snack...

OK, next up: our finale! Let's leave this brown lawn sandbox with a BANG, y'all!

Inspired by Star Spangled Supper™...

The Star-Spangled Banner
(Francis Scott Key, lyrics)

You know the drill!

♪♪ O! Say can you...


You know what? Some songs are better left unsung by two hammy Cardigan corgis, agreed? But the kids who're singing in that sound clip? Give them a listen, K?

What an AWESOME country this is, y'all!

Hey, wasn't this fun? Let's do it again sometime, OK? Bye, now!

(Jon Farleigh to a fan on the front row) What's that? A pawtograph? Yeah, find me in the yard later. 

* Just like their year-round wet dog food recipes, Merrick seasonals (in addition to having punny names) are always grain-free, contain real, deboned meat as the first ingredient, and are made in the USA, in Merrick's own kitchen, using locally sourced ingredients. Give them a follow on Facebook and Twitter for the latest news and deals!

Psst! Hey, you! Wait up a minute. I'm Chef Bobby Flay O'Fish, and you can't leave without one LAST song from me, the feline grilling (and Cardi-house) master himself!

Though, please note: I DO NOT eat dog food. But I do eat Merrick CAT food when it's served. 

Here we go: Barnyard on the Grill (by Jeff YokeUp Petkevicius)!


♪♪ Barnyard on the grill
It's a barnyard on the grill.
It's cows and pigs and chicken on a heap
Cuz that's what we all love to eat!
(repeat verse)

Let's go barbecue! 

{drops mic}


  1. Wow, what a lot of work went into this post; impressive! Funny and the pups (and kitty) are adorable. If I fed my dogs canned food, after reading this post, I'd try Merrick!

    1. You're darn right it was a lot of work, Jodi! *collapses in a heap of giddy exhaustion on the floor* :D

      It was a true labor of love, though. Really. I needed to do something big to make up for being idle creatively for a little while. I think I'll sleep well tonight. :) As for Merrick, I (not surprisingly) was initially attracted to the company by the funny names of their canned foods (back in the day), but I can now say the quality is why I keep feeding it. (Well, that and that the dogs love it.) Thanks for the comment!

  2. I love your humor! GREAT post... you deserve $1000 for it. Bet you didn't get that much... But, it's fantastic and worth the $1000 fur sure.

    1. Thank you! Your saying that alone is worth $1000! I'll just be over here gloating over my pretend money! ;)

  3. I'm blown away by the effort that went into this post! I'm sure the dogs were happy to comply just to get their faces in that food. :) Bobby Flay o' Fish is killing me.

    1. Yeah, I blew myself away with this one - like across the house and onto the couch of no-getting-up. :) And, you're right about the dogs. The perks of being an animal actor around here are pretty good. Bobby Flay oF isn't an actor, by the way. He believes he is the director. :)

  4. Very cute. Bailie and I are putting up our seasonals post tomorrow. Love having fun with Merrick's meal names and they taste so good which is most important. Looks like you have a pesty cat like we do. They just can't leave a dog's post alone. Always have to get their cat furs involved!

    1. Yes, it's nearly impossible to do any indoor photo shoots of the dogs without a cat photobomb somewhere. They're pretty good about not getting into the dogs' food, though. Well, except for Tigger. I caught her with her head in the can (like your Bert) a while back. :) Will look for your post!

  5. Love their costumes and singing and music choices!

  6. I'm impressed by the work that went into this post as well. I went through every word and picture, then started again and showed my husband. Wow. Bravo! :)

    1. Oh, gosh, Jeanne! My husband hardly even looks at my stuff. :/ Thank you for reading and reading again! (Putting these posts together really makes me happy. I've just gotten to where I need more time between posts to REST.) ☺

  7. We are suddenly craving hot dogs
    Lily & Edward

  8. Wow, lotta work you put in here! Love the close-up of Jon Farleigh's tongue and the can! More cats, please (well, you know I'm a cat lady, and I haven't seen Maddox in ages!).

  9. Great post! I've always liked how Merrick is so creative with their food names. Bobby Flay O'Fish obviously doesn't know what he is missing by turning his nose up to the dog food. I'm guessing J.F. and Dewi would never hesitate to eat Bobby F OF's food! with cats and dogs.


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