Friday, May 13, 2011

It's Official: I'm Unfocused (although Shanimal and Ethel call it 'Versatile')

Yes, this post is about an "award," but please stay with me, I need to say something important (and no, today is NOT opposite day).


Many moons (actually about 24) ago, one of my favorite humor bloggers, Shanimal (as I like to call her - it's actually Shannon), of Shanimal's Crackers, most graciously bestowed the Versatile Blogger Award on my lowly blog. To this day, however, I'm not sure whether I agree that versatility in blogging makes all that much sense, especially for one who claims to be a pet blogger (no names here), but yet talks about everything else under the sun (other than pets) and expects people to tune in every day. 

Shoot, where was I going with that point? 

Oh yes, anyway, what I'm saying is that in my case, "versatility" could be the death knell for my blog. Take, for example, last week. In just one week I've blogged about my dogs, my cat, my flower garden, kids' toilet humor, bad mothering skills, mooning senior citizens and now, blogging "awards".  I wouldn't exactly call that a good blogging strategy, would you? In fact, I think my blog might suffer from a little Blog Multiple Personality Disorder (BMPD). (Yes, I'm aware BM is part of that acronym.)

But out of great respect for my friend, Shanimal Shannon, whose blog followership (approaching 1,000) grows exponentially each week, and who is a better writer than I am, and who picked me, I hereby humbly shut up and accept the award (even if it might be a death knell).  Oh, if you look at Shannon's original post, you'll notice she's the one who created "Ethel" (the lovely green award).  I , however, not Shannon, actually named the award Ethel, but Shannon named Ethel's counterpart award, Fred. Fred and Ethel just go together. (Get it? No? Then Google it).

So in order to accept I have to:
  1. Name the awarder - Shannon.
  2. Tell you seven useless random things about me.
  3. Award this award to seven other bloggers.
Here we go...
Random things about me:
  • I frequently eat cereal (Special K Red Berries) for lunch. (Note: I did not say I only eat cereal for lunch.)
  • I am indecisive in the grocery store.
  • When I was a small girl, I thought I wanted 12 kids and to live on a farm with lots of animals. (True - ask my Dad.)
  • I've never liked to read classic literature (gasp), which makes me ashamed. (This one might get its own post one day.)
  • I share my birthday (not year) with Lucille Ball. (If you need to Google her, you might be too young to be reading my blog.)
  • I am a middle child. (Therefore, the psychological research findings are arguably true.)
  • I can fold my wrists flat so that my thumbs touch my forearms. :)

And now for the passing of the award.

Honestly, I'm not passing the "award" as much as I'm genuinely recognizing one (sometimes) pet blogger for just having one of the coolest blogs I know. She's got her own little semi-private party going on over in not-warm-enough:

And I just think it's about time she started loosening up her membership requirements. Seriously, go check Bermtopia out - and don't let the ornery-looking scantily-clad toddler put you off. 

As for the rest of you who have just read through this silly post, YOU ALSO GET THE AWARD. All my readers are versatile (and tolerant, kind, odd).

(Disclaimer: If you copy "Ethel" and put her on your blog, you must give due credit to her creator, Shanimal's Crackers, which means that you, in effect, are agreeing to advertise her blog, free of charge, and without strings, for as long as you display the award on your blog. I received no money, gifts or favors from Shanimal's Crackers in exchange for this message.)


    1. congratulations on being so unfocussed. that takes a lot of commitment i know. especially on a daily basis.

      Bermtopia rocks [to quote the young 'uns]. it will also no longer be a boutique blog at the rate the 2-legged missus is going. haha! when is she going to find time for her vegies then eh? when pigs fly. :p

      yes, it's saturday morning and i'm feeling cryptic.

    2. I can see your blog again! YEA! Downloaded Firefox yesterday and got back on track!

      As a small child, I too thought I would grow up to live on a farm with lots of animals, the 12 kids....Not so much :-) As it turns out, my sister who was not nearly as animal oriented growing up, is the one who ended up with the menagerie.

    3. Found my way to your blog and thought I'd stop and say hello. HELLOOOooo!

      Happy woofs & weekend hugs,


    4. Congrats on your award, and thank you for mine. ;) In my humble opinion, there's nothing wrong with putting a little bit of everything into one's blog. You're the boss. Have a great weekend.

    5. @GLP - Nice! You should take up espionage. :) I don't think the missus in Bermtopia will ever give up the "boutique" title you gave her. Who can blame her?

      @Taryn - What do you suppose made us want to live on a farm? Thank heaven I didn't get the 12 kids!

      @Thanks for stopping by, Bailey! ;)

      @Thanks, Kristin. :) Yeah, I think I just gotta be me, too. I'm okay with a little blog disorder.

    6. I didn't see this post earlier. Shame on me.

      Ethel is the perfect name. And, yes, I get it.

      You're cool for advertising my blog for FREE. True, I haven't given you anything monetary in exchange, just Ethel. But she's worth more than all the money in the world...yeah.

      Oooooh, I also wanted to say that when I was a kid I wanted to live on a farm too! I even got my sister to believe that she wanted to be my maid. She agreed to clean all of the animals' stalls. Now she wants to go off and be an Indiana Jones-esque person. Lame.

    7. @Shanimal - I agree, it is lame of your sister to chose exciting archaeological adventures over being a farm hand. :) My sister promised to go with me to Disney World one day, but she decided to spend the money on a car instead. That was lame, too.


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