Thursday, February 23, 2012

Caption Winner, What Dewi REALLY Said, and a Public Service Announcement

Congratulations to Red Dog Mom, whose entry was randomly selected to win the Caption Dewi Giveaway

THANK YOU to everyone who entered (and who left a comment just for fun)!

Speaking of fun, I thought I'd share the caption entry that I think most accurately depicts Dewi's expression in the photo.

Submitted by CardiLover:


And then, for even MORE fun, I went ahead and added my own caption (which really and truly depicts Dewi's expression):

Okay, NOT!!!!!!! That's how *I* look when the prunes kick in.

NOT!!!!!!!!  I don't eat prunes. :)

Want to know something else?

Remember how on Monday my butt got frozen out in the snow?

Well, it got better. 

Know what happens when the public water person comes out to your house unannounced and (for reasons unknown to considerate man) swaps out your water meter?

Well, I'll tell you:

  • You only get to take the first half of your shower.
  • You get shampoo and soap in your eyes. 
  • You run around yelling "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" because rinsing your face with toilet bowl water is NOT an option. 
  • You remember the jug of distilled water that you put under the kitchen counter when Herman the Aquasaur was still alive. 
  • You freeze your a** off again.
On the bright side, however, my hair was super shiny from the cold water rinse. 

Oh, and if I were you, I'd keep a jug of this good stuff handy in your bathroom. 

Always a pleasure to be of assistance.



  1. Dewi is so cute - and that shower sounds awesome ;0)

  2. I love both captions--and he kinda does have that look of "the prunes just kicked in"--which made me laugh!! Empathizing with you on the pj's in the snow thing--and ALSO I thought of you the other night when I couldn't sleep and came downstairs to watch Tv--The Accidental Tourist was on. With the Cardigan Corgi.

  3. Prunes. Haha. I read Prozac for some reason. Probably because I'm reading on a tiny mob on the bus. It looks like we both had run ins with tradies this week. Yours sounds more physically punishing. I would NOT have been happy.

  4. That face is hilarious! Love your caption haha. His face does have the element of a sudden "Ruh Roh."

  5. Oh my, never a dull moment at your house.

  6. Bwa ha ha. Mama knows best. That caption was awesome.

    BTW, you didn't confront the water guy in your frothy costume?

  7. Oh dear... I can't believe the water went off mid-shampoo!

    Love the Dewi captions. :)


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