Monday, September 30, 2013

The Dog Down the Street Is EATING POOP Again!!, and 5 Other Outrageous Internet Tales

A morning network news program ran a (slightly) cheeky story today about how easily people - in today's gone-viral, gossip-fueled world - can fall for Internet hoaxes, and how to avoid being the next victim. You'll find many of the provided tips (for spotting email and web hoaxes) here.

So today - for (somewhat) practical reasons - I thought it would be fun to see whether you can spot any malarkey in this list of outrageous Chronicles of Cardigan-inspired headlines (that I just made up):

So, what do you think; which ones (if any) are fact*?
Hint: The links are there for a reason.

Oh, and as for the title of this post? It's true. For every person on my street, besides those who live in my house. And to that, I say: If that's the worst thing my neighbors can spread about me, then I'm hiding stuff better than I thought! 

* Fact: The opposite of a bold-faced (brazen) lie; not full of malarkey.
Note: Neither half-truths nor euphemisms count as bold-faced lies.

I'll include the answers with Thursday's Tacky Cardigan!

Of course, that doesn't mean you should wait until then to spread this post around, if you feel so inclined!


  1. LOL the last one gave us a good chuckle as we are just about to try and trim ancient Pips nails. Wish us luck. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. My dog HATED when we used to trim his nails. He would howl and go nuts on us. These pics are too cute.


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