Thursday, March 20, 2014

That Picture Don't Make a Lick of Sense (Inaugural Edition): Dog in a Tourniquet

First of all: That's the way I talk when I see somethin' that don't make a lick of sense. Except I don't enunciate "lick of," I say, "lick a." Now that title would've been considerably worse. ;)

So, since I've ended the "hump"-rhyming weekly blog feature, I needed to come up with something else (something simple and fun) to go in its slot (except, maybe not on hump day). I got an idea the other day - while browsing through (as I do almost every day for the Facebook page) my hundreds of archived image files: Some of my photos (standing alone and out of context) don't make a lick of sense! (I mean, some of them just make my eyes get all squinty and I wonder, what in the world??)

So then, one thought led to another, and I decided to make a weekly feature out of guessing WHAT IN THE WORLD is really going on these crazy pictures!

Are you ready to start?! Yay! Here we go!

Hey, like my cow button? I think I want to marry this cow button! (I love cows.♥)

Question: Why is Jon Farleigh wearing a tourniquet around his head?

A. He had his wisdom teeth extracted.
B. He is playing the part of the ghost of Jacob Marley in a home-staging of A Christmas Carol.
C. He got into the grape jelly and I ran out of paper towels. 
D. His person was pretending to be a veterinarian. 

Leave your best guess in comments (or on Facebook)! I'll post the correct answer next week!


  1. Hmmmm. There could be any number of plausible explanations. Did he get into the trash and somehow manage to get a bandage with a purple stain wrapped around his head while rummaging through the trash? He looks quite pleased with himself, which suggests some type of mischief. I'll have to think more. Does it somehow involve the little humans? My aunt used to practice her first aid skills on my momma, so I'm wondering if it's something similar. But now I have to go to bed.

  2. LOL we had to go for D as it made us chuckle. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. BOL! This is a great concept for a weekly post. I am going to go with C - got into grape jelly, ran out of paper towel.

    We just hopped on over from

    Hope you'll come hang with us too!

    1. I dunno, Mama Paws? I dunno. ;) Thanks for stopping by! Love your ABCblog! Bella and Colby crack me up!

  4. It's gotta be "D", BOL
    Lily & Edward

  5. Obviously, he had an unmanageable cowlick that needed flattening...right?

  6. Y'all are all quite insightful and creative. ;) And, Cookie, you forgot about how he slid through a puddle of Grape soda (on his head). hehe

  7. I have to go with D as I think you were playing doctor! He is too cute.


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