Saturday, July 27, 2013

Beer Bottle Cap Pet ID Tags, plus TAKE THE QUIZ on Dogs + Beer in Pop Culture!

Note: This blog post contains a short quiz on dogs & beer in pop culture. You should take it (because I made it for you with lots of <3<3<3, dang it!)...right after these important illustrated messages!

So, have you seen pet ID tags made from bottle caps, like this one I got from Etsy (collar sold separately)? They're so cute!

Yep, I needed had to get one for a certain furry red-head with a punny Irish name.

Hint: "Jon Farleigh" is not an Irish name.

Neither is "Dewi." Plus, Dewi's not a red-head.

And, neither is Bertie (a red-head). 

So, I guess that leaves...

Bobby Flay O'Fish!
(The itty bitty, {formerly} feral, ginger kitty I plucked off the highway a few weeks ago.)

He I really needed a tag-collar combo that could live up to his name. :-)

And, I'd love for you to see up-close how the tag (and collar) look on him, but alas, it's hard to get a kitten to hold still for a fashion shoot.

So, I guess I'll have to show you using a stand-in. 

(Not like it would be the first time.)

Like this one.
He (Beefeater) came from the Amazon agency. ;-)

So, do you want to see the back of the tag? OK!

There's a clear, rubbery coating over the text (to prevent it from rubbing off). That adorable font is standard. And, depending on the size of your pet (lg/md dog vs. sm dog/cat), the split ring sizes (which control how low the tag hangs) will vary.

Oh, and if (the myriad available) beer bottle caps are not your thing, there are tons of soda pop bottle caps to choose from, too! 

The tag was $10 (before shipping) and came from the Etsy shop, Carlito's Creations. The cotton (nautical plaid) break-away cat collar, $12, came from Etsy at Chloe's Collars (which also has a huge selection of dog collars).  

Both transactions were easy and I am thrilled with my purchases!

Bobby Flay thinks his tag is a toy, however, so he's not wearing it (for real) just yet.

This crap is boring; what happened to dogs and beer?

Did anyone hear a high-pitched buzz just now?? Hmm, I could've sworn I heard it. Oh, well. 

So, anyway, when I showed my husband Bobby Flay's awesome new tag, and after he stopped mumbling something about my being a little too fond of dressing up the pets in "cutesy" accessories, we played a little game, where we tried to match beer brands to dogs (you know, in case we ever need to buy some more bottle cap ID tags). Like, for example, can you imagine a Blood Hound (or English Bulldog) with a Milwaukee's Best (aka The Beast) tag? Or maybe a Pembroke Welsh Corgi with a Heineken (Heiney) tag? (It was a fun game, y'all; you should try it!)

Well, then, all that dog and beer talk got me thinking about how often, it seems, dogs and beer appear (simultaneously) in American pop culture. And all that thinking about pop culture led me to the ends of the Internet, which filled my head with loads of useless trivia, and prompted me to create a (short) quiz, so all of you - my friends - can get filled up with useless dog and beer pop trivia, too!

And, here it is! With pictures! I hope you have as much fun with it as I did!
P.S. Remember, Google is to the Internet, as Siri is to the iPhone. Don't be afraid to use it!

Video Bonus: Bud Light "Dog-Sitter" 2011 Super Bowl Commercial!

It cracks me up EVERY time!

Later, y'all!


  1. Pity we can't do the quiz as we bet many of your brands we don't know over here. Nevermind. Have a serene Sunday and enjoy some big easy.
    Best wishes Molly
    Love the name tag.

  2. Whoohoo! Got an 80% without even googling anything, just a lotta wild guesses!

    Love the kitty photos. The new tag is too cute!

  3. Thanks GOOGLE, you helped me score 100% on the quiz!

  4. I gotted a 60% on the quiz (with no googles), that is a passing grade right? BOL! Those beer tags is very handsome and it pains me to say it, but my mama thinks your kitties is extremely beautimous.


  5. Oooh, I loved your quiz and managed to score 80% by guessing since I only knew the first one. :)

    The kitty tag is adorable. So I guess Bobby Flay O'Fish is beer battered, huh?

  6. That cap is HUGE on the itty bitty kitty! And Bobby is adorable!!! WANT. I see a Mastiff as a Milwaukee, though.

  7. I'm a little ashamed of my poor performance on this quiz.

    I adore the name Bobby Flay O' Fish, by the way. Genius.

  8. Don't forget about

    They donate a portion of each purchase to a no-kill animal shelter!


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