Tuesday, January 31, 2012

So, What the Hay Does the Face Behind a Leonberger's Furry Butt Look Like?

Well, I'm about to show you..and the faces that belong to a few other butts you might have ID'd in yesterday's quiz. But first! A few random editorial notes:

  • This is my 299th published post. I'm noting this here because I'll probably forget to mention the 300th post tomorrow, just like I forgot my 200th post, as if it matters. 
  • I am honored to be counted among some of the most dog-butt-savvy people around the blog-o-sphere.
  • I love Polldaddy.com almost as much as I love my Belgian waffle maker (and I, sadly, rarely use either).
And now, the most adorable Leonberger face I ever did see...

I really am as big as a lion.

Here's the Pembroke Welsh Corgi...

My butt drives people nuts.

Any questions? ;)

And the Doberman Pinscher...

Friends, this is my serious show face; when I get out of here, I
will roll in something stinky, goose my person and let my tongue hang out.

And the Afghan Hound...

Okay, so it's not really the face, but it's close.

Next up, the Holstein cow Great Dane...

Clearly NOT a cow OR a black and white (Harlequin) Great Dane
(that one wouldn't look at my camera), BUT definitely a Great Dane.

And the Australian Shepherd? Well, I don't have a picture of her face, but here's the face of a most adorable Bernese Mountain Dog puppy that was lying next to the Aussie...

A pillow would be nice.

This is the English Springer Spaniel...

I look nothing like an English Setter, actually. :)

And the French Bulldog...

For more Frenchie eye-candy, go look at Benny and Lily.

And not a donkey, but an Irish Wolfhound...

Oh wait! That's not a face!

I just wanted you to get a feel for how enormous he is. :)
Here you go...

A gentle-dog's dog 

And last, but not least, the mop rasta Komondor, er, actually, I don't have a face for that dog either, so please accept these photos of Jon Farleigh and some new friends, instead.

The Pembroke: Oh, yeah? That's nothing; I just saw Pepe wearing pink curlers. 

The Pit bull: The first one to blink has to do a 30-second down stay.

The Borzoi: Wait! I didn't quite get your name!


Coming tomorrow: Some fun dog show words for not-really-wordless Wednesday!


  1. The faces are much cuter than the butts!

  2. I am a Berner addict. I could look at that little bear face all day!

    1. Jenny, you would have died. That BMD puppy had all four legs sprawled out like a frog, making him the length of a banquet table. He was SO adorable with those big eyes.

  3. I feel better. When I say the English Springer Spaniel butt, I thought Spaniel, but then the only option reasonable option was Setter, so I went with that.
    We did a training class with an Irish Wolfhound. Any time we stopped moving for more than 20 seconds, he was lying down. They're big, but mostly couch potatos.
    And we have a local Leonberger breed group that meets at one of the local dog parks. I see them way more frequently than seems right- and they are all adorable.

    1. Erin, yeah, I mixed up the Setter and the Spaniel until someone on Facebook corrected me.:D Sorry about that!

      I've heard that Wolfhounds are low energy. I suppose that's good; they'd be dangerous (from sheer brute strength) otherwise. That's cool that you see the Leonbergers regularly. I don't think I've ever met one outside a dog show.

  4. I still can't believe I got the Oz Shep wrong. It was the lack of tail that threw me off. I once saw a real life leonburger where I live. I had to stop and ask what it was of course. It was enormous! I also saw a Komondor once in Europe somewhere a long time ago. It was black I think and a marvel to behold. I also love wolfhounds and wish Georgia had a few more wiry whiskers.

    Thanks for checking in on Georgia last night or was it the night before. My clock is off now. She's such a crybaby isn't she? If you took a pic of her butt now, it'd be quite unmistakeable lol. Hugs x

  5. I love the look of the Bernese Mountain dog, they seem so cuddly! Lucky you going to a dog show with the boys, I only ever went to a show once and I couldn't bring Gimli.

    When Gimli was a puppy, we took classes with a Great Dane. It was funny to see a shorty fluff corgi next to a Great Dane!

    1. Candy - The only reason I had JF was because his sister was there (so I don't feel like I'm breaking a rule by bringing him). Dewi stayed home. But actually, the AKC encouraged the public to bring their dogs to this show - so they could promote AKC performance (agility, obedience, etc.) for unregistered dogs.

      Dewi had a class with a gigantic Mastiff once. It was not funny, though, because the Mastiff didn't like Dewi and snarled at him a lot. The scariest bark I ever heard. :-D

  6. I love those afghans! So interesting as I never see them in person.

    1. In 1996, the wife and I were driving to Oregon to get Hughie - our first dog together. We spent the night in a motel near Tacoma while a big dog show was on in Puyallup. A couple of ladies had Afghan hounds at the motel, and I asked about them - I think I mentioned that they did not score high in Stanley Coren's book, "The Intelligence of Dogs." The response of one of them slayed me: "I wouldn't want a golden retriever," she spat. "They just want to please their masters. That's so disgusting."

      Look up "aloof" in the dictionary, and you'll find a picture of an Afghan hound. Although, frankly, Hughie and his sire, Smoky, were pretty aloof too.

  7. I love all these photos and just sat here sighing... all three times I looked at them... and smiling that "I just love dogs" smile. Thanks!

    1. Sue - The first conformation dog show I ever went to (right before we got JF) was second only to Disney World in my level of exhilaration. I had never seen many of the breeds before (other than in books and paintings) and I was just beside myself. The Borzois nearly gave me a coronary. :) Glad you liked the photos!

  8. They all look gorgeous, perfect examples of their breeds!

    My grandparents used to live near a breeder of Irish Wolfhounds. As I kid I loved going to their house and playing with all the dogs that were taller than I was. Ever since then I have always kind of wanted one myself. It's only the super-short lifespan that holds me back.

    1. Kristine - I would have wanted an Irish Wolfhound, too, if I'd played with them as a kid. I played, instead, with my grandmother's German Shepherd and have wanted one of those ever since. :) You are justified in considering the short lifespans of most giant breeds. I'm not sure I could handle that either.

  9. Such beautiful dogs! I LOVE Berners . . still trying to convince my hubby that I should have one ;)


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