Friday, September 30, 2011

Happiness is...Sunshine on My Shoulders...and a Giveaway!

Props to John Denver, without whose song lyrics, this post would have a different name. :)

You have to give Tigger - who relishes a warm sunbath - credit for ingenuity. :)

P.S. Here's John Denver's song on YouTube, so you can get the tune stuck in your head, too.


This is the part where I tell you about the
"Happiness Is" giveaway!

Think you can snap a photo of your pet in a moment of bliss?

I hope so, because I want you to send them to me!

That's right, for every "Happiness is..." photo submission to me, I will enter your name into a random drawing for a prize (something for you and your pet - TBA next week).

But that's not all!

After the drawing, I will narrow down a few favorites, feature them on the blog, and then ask you, my readers, to vote for a winner!

I will make a $25 donation to the winner's choice of shelter/rescue organization. 

Wanna play?

While I'm working out some of the mechanics (read: boring rules), grab those cameras and start snapping!

(Click here for more "Happiness is..." examples.)

Details coming next week.
Happy weekend!

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Random Stuff about Coffee, Dogs on Caffeine, Twitter, etc.

Did you know today is National Coffee Day (USA)? Yes, it's true.

This is what Dewi would look like after drinking a cup of liquid caffeine coffee.

I'z gonna come over this couch and lick your eyelids!

Thankfully, though, Dewi doesn't need coffee to get his day going. :)

On a slightly different note: Did you know the blog is on Twitter, now?
It's true (the "follow" button is in the sidebar).
A self-professed Twitter-phobe, I had a moment of weakness (when the pig flew) and signed up.

I'll be "tweeting" all my posts there (plus sharing other cool stuff - once I figure out what I'm doing - don't hold your breath), so if you tweet, it's okay if you go ahead and follow. :)

By the way, this morning, The Pioneer Woman tweeted that she "wanted to marry coffee." I like her.

One more thing, I also signed up for Google+ (but I only have one friend there and I don't know how to use my account), but I'm there, just in case. 

Have a wonderful almost Friday!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Getting Jon Farleigh to Lie Down Blooper - Captions, please!

For those with taller dogs (or short dogs who are not yet trained to lie down): Do you know how difficult it can be to get a dog to lie down for a treat lure when the dog can touch its snout to the floor without bending its knees?

I give you Exhibit A:

That is me (one year ago) trying to lure nine-month-old Jon Farleigh into a "down." Besides the fact that he had been trained to "down" already (and he knew the voice command, but just simply chose to forget it for this public event), this is generally what one sees when attempting to train a Corgi "down" for the first time. Can you really blame them, though. Helloooo? :)

OK, so I can see lots of fun captions in this photo (from the mouth of just about any living being in it).
Hint: see the other dogs' faces? :)

It would MAKE MY DAY if you would give it your best shot in the comments!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Pictures of a Fall Festival Gone to the Dogs

As promised, a ChesterFest "doggie" photo dump. :)

First up: Some of the "Cutest Dog" competition
I think the girl should have won for "cutest person." :)

These two were also entered in the "Best Dressed" category. :)

There were FIVE Chihuahuas entered!

And a lovely Standard Poodle.

And finally, here we are "hamming" it up. (It was Dewi's idea.) :)

You think Dewi went too far "staring down" the panel of judges? While squatting? :)

This is right after the winners' announcement. Big Dog-Dad tried to remain calm (while Poodle dad celebrated for him). :) (Beats me why we all look so surprised.)

A few contest "spectators":
Sweet Golden Retriever service dog

Polite hound mix

A camera-shy Boxer pup (who won for "Best Trick" - he rolled over). (Don't you love those wrinkles?!)

We met this huge Newfoundland at the Petco tent.

This is what a Newfie looks like with two Corgis attached to its rear. :)

"Hi, Mom."

See you next time!

Hope you're having a fun Tuesday! :)

Monday, September 26, 2011

Cute Festival Dogs and, oh yeah, 'Who are you calling a giddy dog mom?'

So on Friday, I left you all hanging (indulge me) about whether or not Jon Farleigh and Dewi would be repeat contestants in the battle for "Cutest Dog" at ChesterFest. But before I reveal the answer, allow me to direct your attention back to some verbiage from my last post:
"...I think I might like to see some other giddy first-time-contest-entering-puppy-mom get to pose with her dog's blue ribbon this time around." 
Okay, well aside from that being an obscenely stereotypical (however probable) statement, I confess that it was also a fib. See, what I REALLY meant to say was:
 "...I think I might like to see some beefy, Chihuahua-toting real man dog-DUDE get to pose with HIS dog's blue ribbon this time around."
Because that's what happened.

Behold Cornelius, ChesterFest's newly reigning "Cutest Dog":

Look! My dad can hold me with only two fingers, and tweet about me at the same time!

...And you over there, my dad says good things come in small, fluffy packages.

We DID enter the contest, by the way. And, I'm glad we didn't win. :)


Be sure to come back tomorrow for the ChesterFest "doggie" photo dump!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Dog-Friendly Festivals and the Profile Photo, Explained

One year (and 5-7 lbs. in the wrong direction - but who's counting) ago, Jon Farleigh, Dewi and I posed for that photo over there (both to the right and left - it's my profile picture). We had just returned from ChesterFest (a dog-friendly community festival) where the dogs claimed first place in the "Cutest Dog" contest. (The judges couldn't pick the cuter of the two, so they deemed it a tie between "brothers.") I was ecstatic. The boys, however - oblivious to their "official" ambassadors of "cute" status, were just happy for the public "mingling" opportunity. :)

Tomorrow morning - as long as the sky is dry - we'll be at it again - the mingling, that is. I haven't decided whether we're entering the "cute" contest this year. (What if they don't win? And besides, I think I might like to see some other giddy first-time-contest-entering-puppy-mom get to pose with her dog's blue ribbon this time around. :)

I'z like to meengul.
Of course, there's always the "Dog and Owner Look-alike" contest.  Or not. :)

How about you? Does your community sponsor seasonal dog-friendly festivals? With "dog contests"? Do you or would you participate with your dog(s)?

Have a great weekend! Hopefully, I'll have some new festival photos to share next week!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

If Hearts Could Glow Like Stars

My blog friend, dog lover and passionate animal advocate at the Talking Dogs Blog recently honored The Chronicles of Cardigan with the unique "award" pictured at left. In case you're like me and aren't fluent in Spanish, I'll translate: "Prize - bright flashes in the sky - black cats." I added the "black cats" part for today's post. :) 

This past Tuesday, in honor of Petfinder's Less-Adoptable Week, I dedicated "The Versatile BlDogger" award to black-furred dogs everywhere, and promised that the black kitties would receive equal treatment. :) So today, in their honor and to thank Talking Dogs for recognizing my blog, I'm dedicating this lovely "bright star award" to black (and mostly black) cats everywhere.

Note: All the beauties appearing in this post are available for immediate adoption (here and here) in Richmond, VA.
For Eva 

If hearts could glow like stars in a black sea...

...would you look up and see me?

I wish I may, I wish I might...

Madison (I have food allergies, but I'm still easy.)

Help your heart glow like a star tonight.

I know hearts can glow like stars in a black sea.

Isis (I have two black brothers: Set and Ramses.)

Tess (Please read what my foster mom says about my unique Tortoiseshell coat.)

Because you should see how my heart will glow when you pick me.


Do you have a black (heart) cat story?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - The Face That Had Me Before Hello

All photos taken with my Nikon S9100 and edited at using texture effects.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

This just in: Black Fur Wins the Award for Versatality

A few weeks ago, Kim, the person at the lovely and passionate blog, CindyLu's Muse, graciously tapped my blog for one of these "awards" (pictured at left) - except not with the word "Dogger" on it. :) (I edited this one a bit. :) Anyway, to show my appreciation to Kim and to honor her wonderful little (black) dog CindyLu(Hoo), and all the other black pets who are waiting for their forever homes today, I hereby dedicate the "award" to black-furred dogs* everywhere.

 19+ Reasons to Love Black Fur

Created at
Hint: See the "dog" in the "word cloud"? Yeah, I know, but it's a cloud, not fine art, okay? :)

According to the two online interior decorating and fashion articles I checked, BLACK IS COOL - plus the other 19 adjectives you can see in the image above. See the "versatile" tail? The "beautiful" and "anchoring" face? The "calming" ears? (And the "harmonizing" heart?)

But Don't Just Take My Word for It

Check out these fine examples (who happen to be available for immediate adoption in Richmond, VA):

Bella - Who puts the 'B' in "Beautiful"

Erick - Can you say "sexy"?

Kingston - Just oozes hunky sophistication

Rock - A "seasoned" fella at 7+ yrs. - Pure class!

And Smokey - Missing a front leg due to an injury makes him bold and interesting
(and apparently, a snuggler and couch accessory). :)

Black is Good

Friends and readers, obviously I've tried to inject some lightheartedness into what could be an otherwise heart-wrenching reality here. I also know that few who read this are in a position to go out and save a black shelter animal this week. That's okay. But if you are looking to adopt a shelter animal, or you know someone who might be one day, will you remember (and share) this?

After my previous post about black pets being less-adoptable, some questions and speculation arose (in comments) as to why that might be. Since then I have found some compelling reasoning at the Lucky Dog Rescue Blog. It's worth a read - if you have a couple minutes. :)

*So, what about the black cats?

Don't worry; I've got another "stellar award" coming for them later...

Monday, September 19, 2011

So this morning I woke up feeling a little off...

...kind of like Charlie Brown...with a raging case of writers' block...and PMS. Oh wait, that would be Lucy.

Okay anyway, there will be nothing cute or sweet or silly or thoughtful from me today. Although, this lame post could - I suppose - make you feel better about your own day. :) 

This is what Dewi thinks.
Help me.

 Regular programming will return tomorrow. 

(P.S. I loooove Peanuts characters - especially Charlie Brown.)

Friday, September 16, 2011

A Less-Adoptable Carol (Because Even Scrooge Ought to Love Us)

(with apologies to Charles Dickens)
Molly, as the "Spirit of Less-Adoptables Past"
Do I look like a bit of undigested beef to you?

Eva, as half of the "Spirits of Less-Adoptables Present"
Hey, you. Look at me, down here. I love you.

And Lulabelle, as the other half of the "Spirits of Less-Adoptables Present"
This "spirit" isn't supposed to look scary, you know. Mind if I curl up in your lap?

You know I can't show you the "Spirit of 'Less-Adoptables' Yet to Come." It would be disturbing. Haven't you seen the movies?


Okay, seriously, did you know that many cats and dogs (like my three "spirits" up there) are passed over in shelters simply because they're black? It's true. And that's why I've pledged to help Petfinder with this:

Even if you're not looking to adopt a pet right now, after my next post on this subject (date next week TBD), you'll never look at black fur the same way again.

Stay tuned and have a great weekend!

P.S. If you must know how I came up with the Scrooge theme (read: in case you think I'm crazy), comment me. :)

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