Friday, July 29, 2011

Happiness is...a cool air vent on a hot day...and something epic (for me)!

There's no better way to cool off in my house, if you're a dog, that is. :)

Happiness is also having a tolerant brother (Dewi) who doesn't mind sharing. :)

And now for my part. [grinning] Let's see, how shall I say this? Hmmm. Okay, you know how my camera doesn't take the best pictures (see above)?

Well, after today, you can blame the bad photos on the operator because look what's charging up in my kitchen!:

OMGosh, I have a really cool, new "Ashton Kutcher commercial" camera!!!  Thank you, credit card rewards, cell phone rebates and early birthday presents!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to read the user's manual from cover to cover. (I'll have to do that a few times, I predict.)

Have a happy weekend, y'all!

(I'll be the dork with the new camera! Yee haw!)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Happiness is...a tug rope!

Aside from eating (and maybe being glued to my side), this is Jon Farleigh's favorite thing in the world to do:

 "Play, please?"

Ready, set...



Blisssssss :)

What's your dog's favorite game to play?


BTW, this might be the first in a series of "Happiness is..." posts. Could be fun going around with my camera trying to catch the dogs (and cats) in the act of bliss. ;)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Dewi doing Gary Coleman doing Arnold from Diff'rent Strokes

'Member this face?

"Whatchu talkin bout, Willis Jon Farleigh???"
(Link goes to a cute Diff'rent Strokes video.)

It's possible that Jon Farleigh (who was guarding all the tug toys) was trying to give Dewi an economics lesson on monopoly. :)


To be clear, have a great Wednesday!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

And this is what Eeyore looks like when getting a bath...

(Go here to see the "real" Eeyore.)

Poor Jon Farleigh.

(Interestingly, I'd say both dogs equally disliked their baths. JF just has a harder time hiding his misery. What a face. :)

What happened to Jonny's ears?!?
(My sweet boy.)

Hope your ears are "up" today! :)

Monday, July 25, 2011

The Many Faces of Wash Day - Dewi

Jon Farleigh and Dewi got much needed baths this morning...outside on the patio...with the garden hose. Middle Child had a blast (pun intended) doing the washing. The dogs? Well, why don't you decide? :)

So here is my question: Based on his facial expressions, how do you think Dewi really feels about this whole experience?

Caption me?

Come on, can't you tell? :)

The fourth photo down is screaming to be captioned. (Well, they all are, really.) Anyone want to take a shot at #4?

Photos of Jon Farleigh coming tomorrow.

Happy Monday!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The question isn't just whether the crate is big enough...'s whether the crate can double as a club house.

Don't ask me to explain. :)

(BTW, this is a 36" crate.)

P.S. Thanks for all of your awesome/thoughtful comments over the last week. I'll catch up on my responses as soon as I can!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Vacuuming with a Vacuum Terrorist

Hi, y'all.

I'm not back in full swing yet, as it's only Tuesday and I still have three more days of special parental duty, which, by the way, isn't limited to my three children, but tens (maybe a hundred) of other people's dear children (and where was I?)...Oh yes, and this afternoon I found out that a contractor would be over to my house (in short order) to give an estimate on some work needing to be done, which sent me into a panic because I hadn't vacuumed in over a week, and how could I possibly let anyone - including a sweaty contractor - into my pet hair-infested house??? So with only 15 minutes to spare, I hauled out the 20-lb (heavy) vacuum and got to work, only to be menaced by a vacuum terrorist.

Does anyone else have one of these? (A terrorist, not a vacuum.)

By the way, I do not vacuum without the floor attachment/roller head (whatever it's called) - as seen in the video - except when I need to get into those hard to reach dog hair-infested places. If I did this all the time, I'd never get up all the dog hair, now would I?


Okay, I'm off to collapse in the prone position. 'Til next time (sometime this week)...have a good night. :)

Friday, July 15, 2011

In protest of future lame posts...

...lest you get the same tired photo with a different (yet similar) tired caption each day, I have decided to take a blog vacay (short for vacation) from daily posting next week. (Trust me, you need this.)

However, because I feel the need to further ramble on about justify this decision to you, I've decided to list (below the cute, tired dog photos) the top five reasons I need to get a life go outside talk to my kids take a few days off.
(Reminder: Scroll down below the photos.)


The Top Five Reasons I Need to Take a Few Days off from Daily Blogging:
  1. So I don't post any more photos of Jon Farleigh and Dewi staring at pieces of fruit.
  2. The seats of my pajama pants are becoming thread-bare.
  3. Youngest Child - after seeing a car with vanity plates: L84SK8NG (translation: Late for Skating) - suggested I get a plate/bumper sticker that reads: "Late for everything because I'm always writing dumb stuff for my blog."
  4. I actually considered - without anyone holding a gun to my head - passing up spending a sunny, 82 F-degree afternoon lounging poolside in favor of sitting in front of the computer wishing I was lounging poolside.

    And the #1 reason I should probably take a few days off from daily blogging is:

  5. That instead of being disturbed at the sight of my dog dragging a brown streak across my floor and then having to use scissors to cut a smashed turd out of his fur, I became giddy at the prospect of having something new and exciting to share on the blog (which I just did). :)
(Truth: I have some seriously time-consuming parental duties next week that will make it really hard for me to post each day. Please enjoy the free time that I will be giving back to you.)


Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

More Photos from the 'Fruits' with Fruit Shoot

Posing with some tomato...

Jon Farleigh: "If she gives it to you first, I'll eat yours and mine; so wipe that smile off your face, will ya?"

Dewi: "I'm not as hungry as JF; why don't you give him some first?"

Dewi: "Here I come, apple!! Noms away!!!"
JF (out of view): "If you get it first, I'll snarl and then no one will get it."

Dewi: "On second thought, I might have gas; I think I'll pass (it)."

Dewi (preemptively faking irrational anger toward bananas): "Put 'em up! I said put 'em up, you slippery, yellow-bellied fruit fly magnet!"

FYI: JF always gets fed first and that's just fine by Dewi. :)

Do your dogs have a feeding order?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Why Jon Farleigh Didn't Appear in Yesterday's Fruit Post

CLICK HERE in case you didn't see yesterday's post.

"Um yeah, there's a peel on that, you know?"

"Is that fuzz?"

"Yeah, I don't do fuzz."

"Like I have time for this."

He is pretty, though, isn't he?  :)
"Yes, as a matter of fact I would like some of that watermelon, please."

And so proper.

Coming tomorrow: More outtakes (with captions) from the fruit shoot.
(Getting good mileage from this one, no?)

Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday Morning with James Brown, er, Jon Farleigh - Get on The Good Foot

This blog post is in all kinds of bad taste; my apologies to everyone. :)

Heeeeeeeyyyyyyyy!!!!!  [insert hairball]

Okay, so I heard THIS SONG* (link to YouTube opens in a new window) on my car radio earlier this morning and thought:
"Hmmm, this is a good song to hear on a Monday morning, but how can I make it work on the blog?..."

[insert me thinking]

I've got it! 

Have you ever wondered what you sound like to your pet dog (because everyone knows that cats don't listen)?
Two words:

Like so:

Musakk hek firly bibbidy bobbity boo dun BOYS!!!! heh heh katt GET DOWN!!!!  [insert hairball]

But with a delivery like James Brown's, how can they (our dogs) not want to get down???


Have a FUN-ky (like James Brown) day!!!

*Get on the Good Foot

Friday, July 8, 2011

Jon Farleigh and Dewi Weigh in on Their Favorite (Edible) Chewies

Nearly two months ago I wrote a post about a prize I had received from BestBullySticks.  If you recall, at post time, Jon Farleigh - in only 24 hours - had nearly devoured an entire large-sized deer antler, and that I was waiting for both antlers to be completely chewed before bringing out the bully sticks. 

Our prize loot from BestBullySticks (chewy antlers and bully sticks)

Well, guess what?

The dogs finished the one antler and then promptly lost interest in the other. It's still here - unchewed. *sigh* So after about a month of waiting for one of them to regain interest - with no luck - I held my breath, swallowed real hard and dolled out the bully sticks (2, 6-inch braids).

After some gagging and excessive salivation (me - not the dogs), both bully sticks were completely chewed (and devoured) within one hour. No exaggeration. Probably not the best choice for my power chewers. (I have to admit that I'm a little relieved about the bully stick fail :-).)

So what does one give a couple of Corgis with serious chompers to chew on that will last longer then a day or two?

We've tried USA-made rawhides with mixed results. Jon Farleigh can motor through these in a couple days, too, and Dewi has a tendency to bite off chunks and swallow them (which makes me really nervous).

Pressed Rawhide
I've used pressed rawhide in the past with Molly (my first dog), so a couple weeks ago I purchased two 8-inch bones (from a high-end dog treat retailer). At $1.89 each, they were a steal. It took Jon Farleigh and Dewi about a week to get through them. Not too bad!

The dogs never lost interest and there were no large sheets (of soft rawhide) to worry about anyone swallowing (although when Dewi got down to the last softened bit of his, he swallowed it whole; thankfully it was small and went down easily). I just wish I could find pressed rawhide that's made in the USA.

And then there are raw beef marrow bones.

I've been giving them to the dogs (about once every 3-4 weeks) for several months. I buy them in two-packs at my local grocery store (fresh from the butcher) for about $1.65 a pack. The dogs get them in the kitchen (on hardwood floors) raw. I've tried to keep them on a towel, but it just wasn't worth the fight. (So, yes, I have to wipe up the mess.)

The dogs clean the meat off the bones first and then go for the marrow. This, alone, can take a few hours. If they get tired, I take the bones, wrap them up, refrigerate and then give them back the next day. Once the marrow is gone, the dogs have the bones to chew for several more days. They love them! And for the price, convenience, nutritional value and longevity, so do I.

So yeah, I'll be skipping the bully sticks and antlers (unless we score some more free ones) and opting for the raw bones and pressed rawhides ('til the boys get tired of them, too). And in case you might be wondering, they also like a good Kong or cotton rope to chew on. :) (Everything else gets shredded.)

Has anyone had luck with something else for a power chewer that I've missed?


Have a great weekend!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Our New Pet and More on Spoiled Dogs with Too Many Toys

Amphibians love my neighborhood. Youngest Child loves amphibians. Meet our new pet amphibian:
This is Thaddeus (Tad) Pole.
He (or she) lives in a jar in the laundry room.
Please try to contain your jealousy.


Also, remember the photo yesterday of all the dog toys contained on the rug?
Here is the same rug today:
The toys have been strewn all over the house.

This is how the rug got in a wad:
I didn't have the camera handy when Dewi attempted to roll himself up in the rug like a tamale.

Have I mentioned lately how much I adore these dogs? :)


Coming tomorrow on the blog: The lowdown on edible chewies (as chewed by Jon Farleigh and Dewi)

(Off to buy fish flakes for Tad...)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Straight from the pot's mouth: 'The kettles are spoiled.'

In case you aren't familiar, the post title is a twist on the English idiom:
"The pot calling the kettle black."

This morning...

What I saw:

What I said to Youngest Child (aka: pot):  "The dogs (aka: kettles) are just like you; they leave their toys all over the house."

Youngest Child (pot): "Mommy, the dogs (kettles) are spoiled; they have too many toys."

Isn't it great that kettles never, ever call pots black?


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Life Lessons Learned the Hard Way by Dewi - Fruity Soap

So the night before last - as I was milling around in the master bathroom - I heard The Hubby exclaim (in the dog version of his "what have you gotten into now" voice)...

The Hubby"Boys, what have you gotten into now!?!"

[cue slight groan as human lowers himself to carpet and slithers halfway under king size bed]


 Me [with dread]: "Yeah?"

[cue slight groan as human slithers out from under bed and stands up using only three limbs]

The Hubby (now standing in bathroom with outstretched arm and "how the heck did they get this?" look on his face): 
"How the heck did they get this?!?

(Meanwhile, Dewi is smacking his lips - as if he has peanut butter smeared on the roof of his mouth - with an ever-so-slight dollop of suds trailing down his left jowl.)

This is the part where I turn the blog over to Dewi and let him tell his story - in pictures.

I am not laughing, but my people seemed to think this was funny. P'shah.

Dogs, please pay close attention.

Any questions???

No dogs were physically harmed during the original incident or during the making of this blog post. The soap, however, needed a thorough rinsing due to dog slobber contamination. Oh yeah, and Dewi swiped the soap out of the walk-in shower when I had my back turned.

Monday, July 4, 2011

All-American Corgis

Today is Independence Day (the Fourth of July), and we are celebrating with yummy American food (cheeseburgers, corn on the cob, watermelon and apple pie), plenty of water (to drink and to play in), fireworks displays (humans only)...and lots of RED, WHITE and BLUE.

Wherever you are today, we hope you find reason to celebrate, too!

(Mom, we are hot. Can we please get off this table, take off these ridiculous scarves and eat those frozen bananas that you are so rudely dangling in front of our faces??)


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